Monday, March 19, 2012

Eric Holder Wanted to "Brainwash" Young on Guns

The above link has a video of Holder's pitch in which he called for widespread reeducation of young people in an effort to essentially make firearms seem to be a foreign type of thing. Towards the end of the video, he refers to what he wants to do as 'brainwashing".

I will refrain from going into detail on my take on Eric Holder as I provided links below to my previous posts on Obama's Attorney-General, his denial of the meaning of the Second Amendment, and the still-unprosecuted crimes of the Fast and Furious program. The latter seems very likely to have been a way to bring his desire expressed  in the 1995 speech to fruition. I cannot think of a better way to "brainwash" (Holder's word) the American people than to give them the picture that Mexico's narco-state status is a result of firearms purchased in the US and shipped  south of the border.

Being the type of guy that has a hard time keeping his opinions to himself (I know, shocking), I have found myself on numerous occasions talking to people who had been successfully indoctrinated on the concept that firearms should not be possessed or owned by private citizens. While working on a security detail for a "Cash for Guns" event years ago (Yes, I know, but I was a cop and was assigned to work the detail) a pleasant woman asked what was going on at her town's Municipal Building. (She has seen several vehicles and people were going in and out of the building) Upon being informed of the program, she began to appear to be positively bewildered, looked about as if visually surveying the town from the parking lot, and asked "Do that many people really have ...Guns?". I opted to go with the laconic reply and stated "I got [sic] news for you, close to half the households in this county have at least one gun". She, in the most sincere manner possible, asked "Really?".

No pun intended, but the lady was shot out - not from my news but from being brainwashed to the point that private ownership of firearms was a completely foreign concept to her. When representing one's agency, engaging in debate is not the proper thing to do, so I simply replied in the affirmative and gently ended the conversation.

I was too aggravated from watching my tax dollars being spent to destroy perfectly operable firearms anyway.

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