Monday, March 5, 2012

Somalis Rob Girl -Norwegian Men Fail to Help Her

The cultural enrichment train just keeps bringing in more shipments of fun and excitement.

I gang of Somalis entered a bus in Oslo, Norway, robbed a girl of her cell phone by snatching it from here, formed a cordon around her after she left the bus, repeatedly "nudged" her, made threatening gestures by pinching "n the air", and of course referred to the indigenous girl as a "f.......g whore" and a "brat".

As is common in the Leftist-mangled Scandinavian societies of today, not one man on the bus stood up in defense of the girl. Her father, though, did get in his car to go looking for the enrichers of Norwegian culture and called the police upon locating them.

As I have noted previously, these are the descendants of the Northmen, commonly referred to as Vikings. Western-style Leftist thought, unlike old-fashioned Marxism like that of the Soviet Union, degrades the man so completely that he  winds up believing that he is the worthless nothing that the Feminists tell him that he is. We then find the man standing by like the most vulnerable of 12 year-old girls when barbaric foreign invaders harass and assault his countrywomen and girls.

A common phrase in ancient Greece was that no Spartan women had ever seen the smoke from and enemy's fire. This was the way that it was for Spartan women until the campaigns of the Theban Epaminondas. Even after that brief event, Sparta still later knew herself to be strong enough to refuse admittance to the army of Phillip of Macedon, who, knowing that forcefully bringing Sparta into his Hellenic League was not worth the fight, wisely left.  This was due to the training, sacrifice, confidence, and actions of Spartan men.

I cannot help but think that the Left has every intention of creating a society so utterly crime-ridden and so devoid of any manly individuals who will protect their women that the only option will be to institute the final solution of full state control of every aspect of life. It is very close to a reality already. The Feminists seem to exhibit a sort of perverse glee as their fellow females are raped, gang-raped, robbed, and continually harassed in their own nation. They tell the men that they are worthless and the men shamefully accept that designation.When the inevitable follows, the Feminists now have proof that the men are worthless.In fact, as demonstrated by the horrible injustice of the Occupy movement, the Left prefers to treat Western rapists as being in need, not of prosecution (Or beatings) but counseling. They seem to put tremendous effort into ensuring that there are as many savage males running around as possible. In their quest to marginalize men to the point of being, at best, drones, they are willing to sacrifice the health, safety, and dignity of their "sisters". Having a steady crop of rapists on hand goes a long way in proving that men are barbaric, so they are useful tools to feminists.

“No one dared to intervene. When I got up the boys formed a circle around me, nudged me and punched in the air. They all got off at the same bus stop as me and began to turn and jostle me. They called me a ‘f*****g whore’ and a ‘brat’. The whole incident was very degrading,” Cecilie says. She didn’t have time to be scared until afterwards.......

“I phoned the police and told them about what had happened and where we were. I also told them that I had a baseball bat in the car, and that I was going to crush the boys unless the police came immediately. The police told me to remain calm, and shortly thereafter five patrol cars showed up and arrested the gang,” Cecilie’s father says. He wants to remain anonymous out of fear of what the gang could do next time."

This sort of event is happening almost all of the time. The men of these nations are physically and intellectually capable of standing up for their women. They have no choice but to risk the ire of Feminists and possible harassment by the police by doing their job as men. Please, guys, I am not asking you to run into the streets and start busting heads, just to accept that you may have to occasionally step in to verbally and physically defend a female. I can tell you this - If this happened to an American girl, any father worth his salt* would ask his son "Well, what did you do?" and would be terribly ashamed if his son did nothing. My son is under standing orders to take whatever action he deems necessary in these circumstances if he cannot end it verbally. If a girl gets treated in such a manner, he'd better not come home without any cuts or scrapes.

 Once a few men step up to the plate, others will follow.

* I will, though, admit that we too have some fathers who are half-men at best and will, not require any action on the part of their sons.


  1. In the US - I don't know about other places - a man might be in danger from the WOMAN for going to her defense. As in, "can't win for losing".

    The Fems have done us such deep damage...

  2. I do agree with that. I hold that the guy has to be willing to endure (verbally) any subsequent abuse that the woman may dish out.