Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Raymond Ibrahim on Muslim Persecution of Christians Around the World

I have written numerous posts on Muslim persecutions of Christians. Liberals tend to be quick to point out that Christians weren't always so nice either, but Christianity's historical record does not allow for any comparison for the quantity or routine severity of persecution meted out by Muslims through the years. On top of that, persecutions by Christians stopped a long time ago and those committed by Muslims, while never truly stopping, have been growing in frequency with no end in sight.


Mr. Ibrahim is an expert on the subject. He has written several books and has worked tirelessly to report that which the Western Media ignores. His post (Link above) not only details attacks on and oppression of Christians all over the world, but includes links to more  lists of similar events that have occurred since July of last year.

The list reminds me of the South Park episode that has a character playing Russell Crowe in a fictional series "Fightin' Round the World". 

The only difference is that there is nothing funny about Mr. Ibrahim's lists. At least the character in the South Park parody does not pick out people to fight based to their religious affiliation.

As noted in earlier posts from this blog, half of Iraq's Christian population has fled the country since the US liberated the place. It is strange that Islamists complain about "Crusader" armies on their soil. These Crusaders are the best thing that ever happened to Muslims who want their Christian minorities crushed or gone.

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