Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jesuits Lead US Catholics Down Sinkhole -Part II

This one will be very brief as I am quite tired.

America Magazine, as I noted in Part I, is a publication of the Jesuits. I also noted in the first part that, essentially, the Jesuit order is less than pale shadow of what it once was. It is more of a dark shadow that lurks about trying to destroy the Church from within. I will refrain from summarizing some of the more infamous of their actions as they can be found in the earlier post:

This post will cover a recent article in America in which a bizarre term is employed - "Economic Democracy". This meaningless concept basically seeks to pretend that a political system that is designed to protect property is actually about redistributing wealth and denying the right to property. If the Jesuits want to have greater financial resources to help the needy, then perhaps they should consider preaching the Gospel, supporting the Church, and staying clear of the Marxist Agenda. Then, the faithful will be more likely to support the Church's social programs with their money as they will consequently not have to worry that their sacrifices will go to wasteful Left-wing propaganda. Maybe the Jesuits should also ensure that their articles do not stand opposed to the concept of refraining from coveting thy neighbor's goods and the whole 'sweat of one's brow' thing.

Note also in the article that the authors totally ignore that the Occupy protesters were long in violation of laws that govern public assemblies and that they sickeningly state that the police were too rough in their treatment and removal of the Occupiers. The police, if they are at fault for anything, are so for failing to take action for so long. They also demonstrated tremendous restraint and caution for the Occupier's safety in the long-overdue removal actions.

As for the Economic Democracy claim, the following post from March 5th will suffice:

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