Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Prophet Named Trevor Loudon

I recently posted the post in the above link concerning the work of Trevor Loudon, a New Zealander who has a more clear picture of what is happening in America than most of we do.

Mr. Loudon was in the area on a speaking tour. One of his speeches can be viewed at the link at the bottom. 

The following post is from the NewJerseyPatriot blogsite. As noted in the post, Obama was the most created Presidential candidate in our nation's history. In my opinion, this was even more obvious than that of Woodrow Wilson's rapid sponsorship by the establishment.

While watching the 2004 election results, the network that I had on (I can't recall which one) of course moved back and forth from the Bush/Kerry contest to those for Senators and Representatives across the nation. At one point, it was emblazoned on the TV screen that OBAMA wins the Illinois Senate race. That is how the name actually looked on the screen while other winners had much smaller print. The name was repeatedly thrown at us in the same fashion several times and was of course eagerly discussed. I could not help but see that something was going on. With all sorts of seats in the Capitol Building up for grabs, this one single race was somehow a big deal. I could not recall any appreciable news stories concerning the campaign  for that particular seat. It did not make any sense unless the individual involved was somehow supposed to be larger than life. His name was patently being treated as if it had been a household word for years. The use of the name was clearly intended to convey a sense of power, electricity, and as a force in and of itself. I was reminded of the personality cults of Mao, Stalin, Lenin, and others. The face, the name, and the created imagery were all there.

I thought to myself that this was the guy that the Democrats wanted for 2012. I was wrong - in 2008, he was given a Roman Triumph - of a lift by the media and others simply for being a guy that was just so great that things could not but improve. 

Enough of my rants - please read the post below and watch the video.

From the blogsite NewJerseyPatriot. Used with permission.

"I am very pleased to have sponsored Trevor Loudon’s trip through New Jersey. Trevor is an outstanding individual and I would love to call him an American patriot, even though he is from New Zealand. He is truly a Paul Revere warning us of impending disaster.

For some time Trevor has researched how the Communists have infiltrated our political system. They have done so in Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and elsewhere, and have tried in the United States for a long time. As he mentions in the embedded video, McCarthy was almost successful in rooting them out but he was stopped too soon. The backlash was devastated. The same thing happened after Ronald Reagan’s administration.

Trevor says that Barack Obama did not make the movement; rather, the movement made him. I think this is true. I have always thought that Obama was an empty suit being controlled by puppet masters. I thought the puppet masters could be George Soros, Communists, Muslims, or all the above. I’m inclined to think that all the above is the correct answer with the Communists supplying the long-term strategy. Certainly, they were instrumental in his most formative years (Frank Marshall Davis, etc.) as well as in his time in Chicago. I am convinced the Communist influence is strong. I think Soros is supplying a lot of the money and fronting for many of the educators. He is probably doing it for his own benefit, although his interest in a global government certainly conforms with communist ideology. The Muslims want a global caliphate. I think ultimately, there could be a confrontation between the Communists and the Muslims for control of that part of the world which is not free.

We are the last bastion of freedom. Europe is falling, much of South America is falling, Mexico is in disarray, and the Chinese are ascendant. Who is left? I fear it is only the United States and India. Perhaps Canada, Australia, and New Zealand could be in that club. Unfortunately, Obama cares for none of these countries..

We have the ability to roll back the gains that Obama has made. We also have the ability to support those who support freedom elsewhere in the world before Marxism and/or Islam takes a permanent place. But the time is short and if we do not have the advantage next years, we are lost. We can’t take the advantage of us we defeat Obama with someone who is committed to freedom. This is everything, or we are nothing.

Please listen to this modern Paul Revere. Heed his warning. Spread the word about Barack Obama and the enemies within and then get active fighting for someone who can defeat him soundly.

Also, remember that we cannot win without a supermajority in the Senate. We can’t rollback Obama’s program without the Senate. We must get out and work for every Senate candidate who supports freedom. We must work against every Senate candidate (and every house candidate) who supports Obama. We are doomed if we fail.

Let’s not fail."

Mr. Loudon's speech can be seen at the link below:

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