Tuesday, May 14, 2013

German Homeschoolers Lose Key Court Case


The US Sixth Circuit Appeals Court handed down ruling that is nothing less than a travesty of justice.

"The Romeike family has for years been battling for the right to educate their children as they see fit. Today, the United States government has denied their request.

Originally from Germany, Evangelical Christians Uwe and Hannelore Romeike wanted to homeschool their six children, but it is against the law in Germany. They faced threats of legal action from the government and crippling fines before choosing to immigrate to the United States in 2010, seeking political asylum.

U.S. Immigration Judge Lawrence Burman granted the Romeike’s request, but it was overturned in 2012 by the Board of Immigration Appeals, after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcementchallenged the decision.

Today, in the words of the Home School Defense League Association, which has represented the family: “The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the Obama Administration’s denial of asylum granted to the Romeike family"........."

The Romeike family, although clearly terribly wronged by The White House and by our courts, is only a pawn in yet another soft totalitarian scheme of the Obama administration. Originally granted asylum by an immigration court, the White House, eager to earn a win by Case Law that would declare that home schooling is not a right, appealed the ruling and the Romeike's lost in Immigration Appellate Court. That ruling was in turn appealed by the Romeike family. That is how the Sixth Circuit Court got the case.

The reasons that the court gave for their ruling are extraordinarily weak - the ruling can be read in an embedded file on the top link. It seems to have stopped short of declaring definitively that homeschooling is not a right, but the fact that it was not addressed does not make this pill any easier to swallow.

Governments are good things when they are meant to protect life, liberty and property. In Common Sense, Thomas Paine referred to them as necessary evils. Either way, we must remember that are nothing but artificial constructs - they exist by virtue of the will of the people and have no inherent authority to abrogate basic rights of citizens. Public, taxpayer-funded schools? Great (My kids were not homeschooled), but no State can claim the authority to force me to send my kids there or to take them from me and put them in a classroom as long as I am not depriving them of an education. No change in the Natural Law ever occurred that compels me to send my kids to a place that I find teaches my children poorly or wrongly.

What we need to realize is that the Obama administration, and the Left in  general, want to get their controlling mitts on homeschoolers. If they cannot ban it outright, they will, by Case Law, enact more restrictive regulations on what parents teach their children. In short, the anti-US/West and pro-everything else material taught in our public school textbooks and in CSCOPE lessons will in all probability be required to be taught to homeschooled kids. We will then have no refuge for our kids from the mind control of the Left.

We are moving ever closer to the Year Zero of the US, when the Left will be able to declare that nothing that occurred prior to the new era will have any bearing on decision-making or determinations of rights.

The Romeike's are have not exhausted the appeals process, but I am gravely concerned about their chances in the future. The federal courts are bursting at the seams with Progressive and full-blown Leftist judges, and most would certainly want to get their names on a ruling that would have massive implications for free people.

As I noted in an earlier post, the handwriting is on the wall, and unlike the Babylonian rulers, everyone can read it*. Unfortunately, as one young parent noted to me today, he is "busy putting food on the table". That is exactly how the Statists want us - too tied up with work and chores and other scheduled things to be bothered with what is breathing down our necks.

The Republicans and Democrats are laboring to grant de facto amnesties to over ten million people who entered the nation illegally, but they are spending money and working even harder to push a single German family out of the country. Why? Well, the illegals don't run around asking for any real freedoms for one.

I have not even heard about any offcial protest from the German government demanding that the Romeike's be returned to the Fatherland.

The people had better realize what a successful deportation will mean for all of us. This case cries out for a massive show of public support both for the beleaguered family and for our own rights. They need to be made aware that we will not give in - not without a fight, but not at all.

This is where a sovereign state can come into the picture. Yes, the Constitution grants authority on immigration issues to the national government, but we do have precedent that allows individual states to grant more liberty and protection to the people than does the federal/national government. In the US, once you bring your garbage to the curb for collection, it can be taken and searched by law enforcement authorities without a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights against illegal searches and seizures. In New Jersey however, the police can take your garbage bags prior to collection by sanitation staff, but they cannot open and search these unless they are granted a search warrant. This will not happen unless a sworn affidavit stating both that probable cause exists and that there is an expectation of what will be found is accepted by the judge.

It is not a perfect analogy in any way, but here is a chance for a US state to grant residency to a family that has done nothing wrong. It can also provide criminal penalties for any officer that attempts to seize or remove such a person(s). I submit that the people would support such a move and that, if it is done, the White House would back off rather than touch off a major legal conflict. If it fails, we will have yet another reason to know that there is no longer any doubt about the intentions of the ruling elite.


-From a previous post:

".....Make no mistake - Obama needs this one, and badly so. The existence of homeschoolers presents a direct threat to the Left. Having a portion of the American electorate that has not been subjected to the propaganda of the Progressives is something that cannot be tolerated. Obama certainly would at least want to pave the way for attacking homeschooling here in the US, and a successful deportation ordered under a legal ruling that homeschooling is not a right is the most effective means of doing so.

Set the precedent and work from there.

Please watch the video. Aside from the obvious fact that declaring a previous grant of asylum to this family to have been wrongful would be a crime and a stab in the back to people who just needed help, sending this family back to Germany will set us up for big trouble.

This is the perfect example of an issue that screams out for civil disobedience. If the Romeike's fail in their final appeals, they need to be helped by Americans. DHS must not be allowed to get their hands on them. We must act for their sake and for ours. I have to imagine that the US was the only nation that would give them a fighting chance of the basic right of choosing how to educate their kids. Western European nations were most likely out of the question; they are farther gone down the sinkhole than we are."

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  1. _Pleistarchos,

    CONGRESS has the power to adopt a bill granting citizenship to refugees. They should do it NOW with this entire family and STOP contributing to the atmosphere of an "Imperial Presidency".

    Government is supposed to be PARTNERSHIP between the President, Congress and the Courts, not a Hugo Chavez style dictatorship. Its time Obama was shown that lesson.