Thursday, May 23, 2013

Islam Incompatible With Western Societies

Even though he was a Briton and thus pre-Anglo-Saxon, King Arthur must be quaking with anger. At least his foes at Mount Badon acted with honor and fought armed men.

-Before we get started, let's make sure we know who was brutally murdered and beheaded:

In his Bearskin hat and impeccable uniform, Lee Rigby looked every bit the soldier of Britain that he was.

-And this is he who did it:

The video is very graphic.

-This is what a friend of the murderer said about his fellow Muslim:

"Abu Baraa, a friend of the killer Adebolajo, called him a "very caring, very concerning" man who "just wanted to help everybody". He told CNN: "I wasn't surprised that it happened... Britain is only responsible, the government, and I believe all of us, as a public, we are responsible. We should condemn ourselves, why we did not do enough to stop these wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan."

He added that Adebolajo had been "very vocal" about his feelings that Muslims overseas were being oppressed."

Yes, you read that correctly. It is time for self-examination of our society for the crimes we are committing against Islam. The murder is not at fault - we are.

-Yet another voice of support; this time from a soldier of Allah in Norway:

"...In Norway, the controversial Oslo resident Arslan Maroof Hussain (27) , better known as “Ubaydullah Hussain”, has applauded the brutal murder. Last night he wrote on his Facebook profile:

“Wonderful news from England. A terrorist pig from the British army has been slaughtered by our brave brothers. Allahu Akhbar!

“May Allah SWT reward their actions and intentions and humiliate the enemies of Islam in the worst possible way.”...."

-The English Defence League has  made it clear that they are fed up with the coddling of violent criminals who, due to their adherence to a socio-political religious system, will not integrate but will rather identity with the cause of Islam before that of the nation in which they are graciously allowed to become citizens. The old Lion may finally be awakening

Note that the EDL has, despite the bad press they receive, been very peaceful and has been the victim of violent attacks by Leftist thugs such as those of the euphemistically named Anti-Fascist Action (AFA). The Press then generally blames the EDL and portrays them as the initiators of the violence..

"Scores of supporters of the English Defence League threw bottles at police and chanted anti-Muslim slogans in Woolwich hours after the murder of one man and the shooting of his two suspected assailants.

About 100 men, including some wearing balaclavas printed with "EDL", engaged in running battles with police for less than an hour.

A police commander said officers cited section 60 of the Public Order Act, which allowed them to stop and search individuals within a specific area without evidence of a crime being committed.

EDL leader Tommy Robinson said: "They're chopping our soldiers' heads off. This is Islam. That's what we've seen today. They've cut off one of our army's heads off on the streets of London.

"Our next generation are being taught through schools that Islam is areligion of peace. It's not. It never has been. What you saw today is Islam. Everyone's had enough. There has to be a reaction, for the government to listen, for the police to listen, to understand how angry this British public are."
-Prime Minster David Cameron offered a solution to the violence:
"Woolwich Attack: Troops Advised Not to Wear Uniform Outside Bases

Commanders have advised troops not to wear uniform travelling to and from work or outside bases following the brutal killing of a member of the military close to Woolwich barracks.

Defence sources said the order had been given that uniform should not be worn by those travelling alone, or on public transport as a “common sense precaution” immediately after the killing

A source stressed the order was temporary while investigations into the killing carried on and the decision would be reviewed in the next few days....."

Besides the sick and cowardly logic of telling murderous beasts that we should hide from them, I don't think that Lee Rigby was even wearing a uniform when he was murdered.

-Michelle Malkin showed that she has more guts than the guy that resides at 10 Downing Street:

This is our world today. We fight terrorism, and those who follow the same religion as those who perpetrated  9/11 (And the first WTC bombing), the Madrid and London Bombings, rape gangs of indigenous European girls, numerous and exceptionally violent riots, assorted murders of those who speak truthfully of that religion, etc., decide that they should fight for Islam in the Western nations into which they have immigrated.

I will emphatically state that I know of many good Muslims whom I would defend with my life against any attacker. Having truthfully noted that, I will go on to say that Islam is completely incompatible with Western Societies. Once the amount of Muslims in a nation grows to a point in which they are no longer a tiny minority, violence and the inherent attitudes towards non-Muslims can no longer be contained. In such a situation, kind-hearted and moderate Muslims will have no choice but to join in with the violence or keep their mouths shut.

A reading of the Koran will show that Islam is almost solely spread by warfare (Indonesia is the only country that comes to mind as an historical exception). The same book even gives instructions on the sending of emissaries to a neighboring non-Muslims nation with the invitation to follow the Religion of Peace and - that overture failing, to promptly invade and subjugate the recalcitrant people, taking their property, females, and whatever else that may be desired.

No nation in history has ever absorbed a considerable amount of Muslims and has survived intact, or at all. Even countries that were once conquered by Islam and then retaken by Christendom, such as Spain, Portugal, and Sicily, eventually were obliged to require that the Muslims residents drop their pagan-Arabian religion dressed up as one of a Judeo-Christian type or leave altogether. India is a mess, even after the partition following British rule. As Samuel Huntington noted in The Clash of Civilizations, only a tiny fraction of conflicts referred to as ethnic or cultural tensions do not contain at least one side that does not follow Islam. Contrary to what we have been told, the big-time terrorists are, far from having been mired in poverty, usually from middle and upper-middle-class families and have college-degrees.

While Western feminists work overtime to put men down and tell them how worthless they are, they turn a blind eye to their sisters who languish in a system borne in the deserts of Arabia.

In Germany, there are elementary schools in which the indigenous Germans are a very small minority. Ethnic German students are subjected to abuse and taunts of "pork gobblers". Female teachers of older grades are confronted by male Muslim students who revel in acting in an intimidating manner towards young, non-Muslim women.

For those who still cling to the idea that we will somehow be able to integrate large number of Muslims into Western societies without terribly violent consequences or the darkness of  full-blown Sharia, I offer the following essay:

The prelude is long but quite necessary to properly set the stage for the outcome.

Rest in Peace, Lee.

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