Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Holder Projects His Shame Onto Issa

The lowest of the low will inevitably accuse others of acting exactly as they do:

"Eric Holder lashed out at his chief antagonist Wednesday at a congressional hearing where the attorney general was questioned on recent administration scandals, telling Republican Rep. Darrell Issa at the end of a tense exchange that his conduct is "shameful."

Holder’s comments came after Issa accused him of purposely and repeatedly keeping information from Congress.

“No, that’s what you typically do,” Holder responded. Following crosstalk, Holder added, “That is inappropriate and is too consistent with the way in which you conduct yourself as a member of Congress. It’s unacceptable and it’s shameful.”....."

In psychological terms, it is called Projection - the act of pushing your faults off of you and onto another. In this case, it serves a double-purpose. By asserting "I don't do that, that's what you do.", Holder tries to force the label he earned onto Rep Darrell Issa. It also is a play right out of the Progressive/Leftist/Democratic Party playbook. Just as when Obama calls for fiscal responsibility while he is spending like mad and when he accuses Republicans of dirty tricks while he and all of his are making such acts a fine art, Holder seeks to use the witness chair as a political tool to attack the opposition.

The disgrace of an Attorney General has again played the "I don't know" card in regards to the Associated Press phone records scandal. A brand-new lawyer, fresh out of Law school and having just passed the bar exam, knows that you don't walk in to a hearing or trial without being unprepared, yet this is just what Holder pretends to be doing. A job applicant for an entry-level position knows as much. In all fairness, acting the idiot is probably the best move since any true statements that he would make would bring the administration one step closer to having to leave town.

The seizures of the phone records, at first glance shocking when one recalls our rights of a free Press, only makes sense in light of what this administration has made common practice:

-Fast and Furious

-The targeting of Conservative groups by the IRS


-The deadly hamstringing of our troops by indescribably restrictive "Rules of Engagement" in Afghanistan

-The Pigford Scandal

-The bringing of staff who have direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood into top government posts or postitions of influence


-ACORN (Need we say more on that one?)

-Just deciding on their own to refrain from enforcing Immigration Law and the Defense of Marriage Act

-A few ones that I had forgotten about (Can I really be blamed here?)

Roughly half of US voters elected Obama and all those in his train - twice.

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  1. Holder needs to be removed from office, along with his puppeteer. How many more samples of Obama's extra-Constitutional arrogance will Congress endure before they impeach this guy?

    Holder's performance in Congress yesterday merits a hold on his budget.