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Revised: Copts Still Under Siege - Where is Russia?

Added 5/21/13
OK, I am eating crow now.
In the past two days, I picked up a report that the Russians are in fact at least helping Syria avoid falling to Islamists

Not much new on Benghazi except that we have a new twist on Jay Carney's insinuation that the scandal is  but 'water under the bridge'. We now have been told that, well, it does't matter where Obama was at the time of the attacks:

Hat tip to Jihad Watch.

While our military leaders assist with the ongoing dismantling of our history and society (See post from yesterday), our coreligionists in Egypt are still being treated like dirt in their own country. Speaking of that post, I wonder if the treatment of the Christians in the Middle and Near East will be covered in Prof, Sinanovic's class at the US Naval Academy.

"(AINA) -- The escalation of Muslim attacks on Christian churches in Egypt continues unabated. This week two attacks were carried out, one in Alexandria and one in Menbal in Upper Egypt -- both allegedly prompted by harassment of Muslim women. Yesterday the church of St. Mary, in the Dakhela district, west of Alexandria, was attacked by Molotov cocktails and bricks, causing the gate to burn and the breaking of most of the stained glass windows. One Copt was killed and several injured.

According to the official police explanation, the Copt Basem Ramzy Michael was seen by the Muslim Hamada Alloshy, a registered criminal, allegedly extending his body from his balcony to gaze at the flat of Alloshy's sister, who lives on the ground floor. A quarrel broke out and when the church was attacked, hundreds of Copts hurried to the area to defend the church, among whom was 36-year-old Sedky Sherif, a father of three children. According to his nephew Rabah, who was with him at the time of his death, 1000 Copts were present and were attacked by over 20,000 Muslims, who were firing bird shots at them and throwing bricks. While the church was being attacked the Muslims were shouting "Allahu Akbar." ....."

1,000 v.s 20,000 - It appears that the Copts have to fight the equivalent of Thermopylae, Acre, or the Alamo on a daily basis in their nation of origin*.

The way it works in Egypt is this- A dispute, rumor, or an utter fabrication of one or the other ("John started a rumor that....") gets Egyptian Muslims fired up. They in turn attack Copts, their houses and businesses, and their churches (A favorite target of tolerance in the Islamic world). Often, as in the above case, the Copts in neighboring towns are attacked in a sort of feeding frenzy of anti-Christian hatred. Up until recently, the Copts would do little or nothing for fear of the mob and police. Now  however, they have been starting to defend themselves. Either way, once the police roll in (If they ever show up) they take pains to arrest a number of Copts regardless of whether or not they broke any laws. That way, either we have only Copts or Copts and  few Muslims being charged. This serves to make the whole thing to look like a misunderstanding and also implies that both parties were wrong; leaving the Copts with no option other to meet with representatives of their attackers to make amends.

As Samuel Huntington noted in The Clash of Civilizations, of all the conflicts in the world that are referred to as "ethnic" or "religious tensions", only a tiny fraction of these do not involve at least one side that is not Muslim. 

In the posts below, I had suggested possible solutions for the Christians of that region. The UN, dominated and intimidated by the Muslim-majority nations, will not help them. The US is too busy running the autocrats out of these nations so that the last walls of defense for Christians are removed. 

The first two posts contain my arguments for the need for Russia to step up and take her place in defense of the Christians of the Middle and Near East. The third post suggests that we demand that the US and Canada grant each Christian that desires to leave a permanent visa. Maybe we can put the two together and let ask the Slavic nations to take them in and give them a place to live unmolested.

*Typing "Copt" in the search bar on this page will being up more posts on their plight, but I thought that this one in particular would be of help. The media likes to pretend to believe that the Copts don't have a solid claim to be descended from the original Christians of Egypt.

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