Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DOJ Mandating Employees to Talk About Gay/Lesbian/Transgender Lifestyle

"Acknowledge and Engage With LGBT


DO ask LGBT employees about their weekend, their

spouse/partner, or their family/children, the same way you

would ask non-LGBT employees about their spouse or

family. ............

DON’T judge or remain silent. Silence

will be interpreted as disapproval."

The Orwellian drama continues-

First of all, I agree that no employee or manager should engage in or allow coworkers to put others down or make them feel ostracized in any way. No one is perfect, and those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

The problem with the policy set forth in the training pamphlet (PDF link), is that it goes much farther than prohibiting such talk or attitudes. What it does is effectively make the employee bound to not only engage in conversation about actions that makes him uncomfortable himself, it requires that he actively participate in such talk.

I really don't want to hear my male coworker tell me about how he is getting away with cheating on his wife or, if he is single, his list of recent conquests. If we apply the logic used in this training manual, I would not only be prohibited from asking him to find other things to bring up in convention, I would essentially be wrong for failing to ask him how his tryst is going.

This policy will create a host of problems. Employees are not only being told that they must leave all of their standards at home, they will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, now be subjected to the more aggressive LGBT coworkers who, knowing that silence is now prohibited, will take advantage of this and purposefully approach others with accounts of their lifestyle - all with the intention of  making someone squirm.

The scariest part is the label/cryptic warning that keeping quiet - the most gentle and polite means for someone to communicate that he would rather discuss a different subject, is now a red flag that someone is guilty of "disapproval". The makers of our Newspeak have labored mightily to make disapproval out to be a serious crime against society. Forcing people to act or speak positively about something that stands in direct contrast to one's beliefs definitely goes too far. Such a requirement cannot be held to be legal.

The Left will not stop until they have everything and everybody under their control. There is no sense of compromise for them. What they want is nothing short of the surrender of your dignity if you want to keep your job or your business: (See links below)

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