Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hundreds of Thousands March Against War on Marriage in France

The French may be inclined towards snobbish attitudes and tend to engage in self-destructive voting for Socialist candidates, but they know what marriage is:

Although France officially legalized gay marriage last month, organizers of an anti-gay marriage — or “pro-family” — parade decided to go forward with a planned demonstration Sunday — and hundreds of thousands turned out.

Sandy Glass from Naperville, Illinois, was in Paris and witnessed the parade unexpectedly, telling TheBlaze she and her husband estimated more than 250,000 people were present.

“It brought tears to our eyes,” Glass, a conservative and Glenn Beck fan, said in a phone interview.

“We go to France a lot and thought it was another left wing protest,” she said later, recalling that last year they found themselves in the middle of a Socialist rally........."

The war on marriage is a big piece of the Leftist puzzle. To prepare children for the creation of the New Man, Marx and other Socialists called for the end of the family unit - even advocating that women just sort of go around having children with multiple men (That appears to to coming to fruition). Western Cultural Marxism of Lukaks and Gramsci too made the elimination of the family a main part of their agenda.One Lesbian activist recently made that much  quite clear:

"Gessen shared her views on the subject and very specifically stated;
“Gay marriage is a lie.”
“Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.”
“It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.” (This statement is met with very loud applause.)

As mentioned above, Gessen also talked about redefining the traditional family. This may have something to do with the fact that she has “three children with five parents”:

“I don’t see why they (her children) shouldn’t have five parents legally. I don’t see why we should choose two of those parents and make them a sanctioned couple.'......"

End marriage by making it available for anyone; male-male, female-female, underage-old, family members, trios and more. Once the barrier is broken  there is no stopping the tide without a compete societal break between opposing camps.

Remember Civil Unions? We were received all sorts of  assurances that once they were able to get tax benefits, insurance coverage, inheritance, and authority for medical decisions, they would be satisfied. But, lo and behold, once Civil Unions were gained, they went right to work in telling us that anything short of marriage was a violation of their rights.

Which brings us to the origin of rights. Governments are great things when they protect left, liberty and property. Being artificial constructs, however, they have no inherent authority to create or dole out rights or make new institutions. For example, the provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act,often called rights  are actually nothing more than government-mandated legal protections - they are and can not be rights simply because rights either exist in the State of Nature or they do not.

When we accept that the government can create rights or institutions, we implicitly accept that the same body can severely diminish or take away our real rights - those which have existed long, long before any government ever came existence. 

This is the ultimate goal of many - the tacit understanding that rights are what the ruling powers say they are, nothing more.

Utilizing the legislative process to play-act the making of rights and institutions serves two real purposes and nothing more.

-It sets the stage for the Marxist society in which the family does not exist

-It sets up the final act of the play in which the people are told that the State will tell them what their rights are.

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