Friday, May 17, 2013

Obama Blesses Planned Parenthood and Their Work

In the Orwellian twilight of the West-

That quote, taken from Colin McEvedy and first applied to today in this post*, was originally used to describe the societal conditions of the last decades of the Western Roman Empire. When we consider the utter deluge of word-play, making the bad good and vice-versa, to which we are continually subjected, I find that it is more applicable now more than ever.


After praising the staff and actions of Planned Parenthood last month, Obama added a finishing touch that outdid anything that George Orwell could have imagined:

"According to the transcript, Obama concluded his speech by thanking the organization and by invoking God: “Thank you, Planned Parenthood. God bless you. God bless America. Thank you."

I guess that the first and main point that should be made is that Obama was not blessing PP and their staff of bloody henchmen in the Christian sense. His conclusion gave no hint of a Christ-like compassion followed by a directive of  "Go and sin no more". No, he was invoking the blessings of the Creator and Father for their actions that make PP what it is - a taxpayer-driven machine of slaughter and degradation of women, young and old alike and an organization that encourages men to use women without consequence.

In magic, the being which is being invoked is supposed to be bound to act by the words of the speaker. This differs considerably from Christian thought, which holds that,  in the words of consecration for example, it is God himself who is not only doing the work of changing the substance of the offerings but is also the cause of the Priest's words and actions. Catholic teaching is clear on this - even the most mundane good act is a direct  result of God's grace; it is not the work of man. 

I suspect that Obama somehow decided that, in calling God's blessings on those who commit these crimes and the gruesome products of the same, his act would compel the Creator to bless those who labor to destroy his very acts of creation. 

The pastors that remarked on Obama's statement were quite correct in referring to it as blasphemy. 

Yet again we see 1984's Newspeak and Doublethink applied to confuse speech and thought. Acts that defy God and undo his work are not only good, they are also to be sanctioned and blessed by the same undermined Being - at the bidding of a man who inexplicably has more than on place of birth. The people are treated as if they cannot comprehend the difference between right and wrong, and some revel in their self-imposed deception.

One thing is certain - Obama has no fear whatsoever of He who made him.

I can only reassert my position that we have no option but to effect a divorce of our already-irreconcilably split society. By fighting abortion, euthanasia, radical atheists suing against a cross in a park, enslavement by welfare of many, purposefully-imposed illiteracy in our schools**(At bottom), the attacks on our historical legacy in the same, legislative play-acting for fake marriages, and every other piece of destruction, we are barely putting out flare-ups while a conflagration grips our nation.We have to do what we can to save a remnant of our society that was also given to us by God. See posts below:

To paraphrase the ten northern tribes of Israel - "What share have we in the House of The United States of today? To your still-salvageable states, Oh America!"

On forced illiteracy-

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