Friday, May 3, 2013

Abortion Pill Without Rx for 15 Year-Olds: NOW Wants Restriction-Free

We are now waking up to the cold light of the Morning After of our society.

If one can look at the recent developments with the abortion A.K.A. Morning After pill and still cling to the hopes that sanity, common-sense, and good will prevail in the near future without direct Divine intervention, I want to know how much it hurt when you got beaned in the head by that 99 MPH fastball.

The FDA, with Obama noting that he is 'comfortable" with its move, will make the abortion/aberration/Hitler-in-a-pill available to 15 year olds without a prescription or physician's approval ,or even a pharmacist's advice.

-and I, a father of three (One early 20's - youngest HS Junior) and a retired law enforcement officer, can't even get a bottle of antibiotics if I or another in my household has a bad sore throat unless we see a doctor.

Not content with having long ago turned young girls into bodies to be used  by boys who don't care about them (A terribly mean street word from my youth referenced a small pillow in which sewing needles were safely stored), the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood raised the hue and cry about the recent move to mark one's entry into High School.

-The age minimum was too much for them. They want the order given by shameless U.S. District Judge Edward Korman to be followed without delay.

Our Judges, the final line of guardians who can protect our rights within the pale of the Law, have themselves become the greatest offenders of the Law and instruments of oppression and dehumanization of the people.

You heard it right. Forget prescriptions for something that clearly should be the decision of a physician, forget any expectations about one's ability to read and understand the dosage/safe frequencies of use information or the possible reactions with actual medicines, forget any idea of parental authority, forget that 15 year-old girls should be allowed to be girls and protected from that type of activity in the first place.

No way, we want them all cut loose despite their age.

Our girls have been taken no less than they would have by a ship of Saracen pirates in the eighth-century Mediterranean  The only difference here is that they are not being taken away by foreigners; they are being stolen by fellow citizens and the ever-accommodating State and subjected to being treated as trash.

One thing we must note is that everything that we have been told about this pill is a lie. The establishment has carefully framed the word "pregnancy" to mean fertilized eggs (Yes fertilized) that have made their way out of the Fallopian tubes and become attached to the uterine wall. By doing so, they feel confident enough to tell us that the abortion pill only prevents ovulation - a terribly evil lie as ovulation is the movement of an unfertilized egg from the ovaries into the Fallopian tubes. They expose themselves by this fabrication simply due to that fact that an fertilized egg that does not move but remains inside the Fallopian tubes causes an ectopic pregnancy, not an ectopic ovulation. 

Here I am, with absolutely no medical training and my college degree having no classes that covered this subject, yet I can see through this lie and refute it without consulting a single source. Such a patent lie can only be dumped on an maleducated people who have been prevented from learning how to think.

Here is one scenario that, mark my words, will happen sooner than later.

Our girls are being victimized by their male classmates, to whom it has essentially been implied that young girls are nothing special, at an alarming rate. We will be reading a report of a girl waking up after either drinking too much or having been drugged. She will quickly realize that something terrible has happened. As she begins to pick up her clothes, she notices a box of the abortion pill left behind by one of the rapists, who has told himself that because he planned ahead he is really a decent guy. On the box will be a Post-it note saying-

- Use This

It will be a Godless societies version of Alice In Wonderland.

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