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2nd Revised - Stockholm Raked By Muslim Riots

Added 5/27/13-

Employees in post-riot (Until the next one) Stockholm have been busy getting back to normal:

"...But instead of cracking down on the perpetrators, authorities were busy issuing parking tickets on cars that were burned by the rioters. The conservative Swedish news site Fria Tider reports that owners of some cars destroyed in the riots were fined for parking illegally, while the Swedish police force described a low-key approach to the rioters themselves. Its reporter caught a parking enforcer in the act of issuing a ticket, and shot a photo, published above the headline “Parking Tickets Issued on Wrecks While Stockholm Burns.”...."-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Added 5/26/13-

Some Swedes are acting in defense of their country and people. They have got to be fed up with the orders restricting the cops or the possible apathy of the individual officers. Either way, the Swedes are being labeled as vigilantes and targeted for arrest. The political climate makes arresting non-Muslims the path of least resistance, and they are on the outer perimeters of the riot-plagued areas, thus allowing the cops to make arrests while foregoing entering the riot zones themselves:

-From the tlink:

A side note: “Right-wing extremists” are being arrested because they threaten the existing order. No matter how many cars and schools the “youths” burn, they do not threaten the existing order.

"In fact, from a cynical point of view (and I tend to be a cynic), the violent culture-enrichers serve as enforcers of the existing order.


-From the third link:

"SWEDISH police say they hope reinforcements will help quash nightly riots that started nearly a week ago in Stockholm's immigrant-dominated suburbs and have spread.

"With the strong presence on the streets of the good forces, and the police reinforcements, I think we are well on our way towards calmer times in the coming days," Stockholm police spokesman Kjell Lindgren said on Saturday.

Cars and buildings were torched overnight on Friday to Saturday in the towns of Oerebro, Uppsala and Linkoeping, though tensions showed signs of easing in Stockholm's suburbs.

The unrest has sparked debate among Swedes over the integration of immigrants, many of whom arrived under the country's generous asylum policies, and who now make up about 15 per cent of the population....."

The story has become an old one-

Leftists promote "diversity" and "multiculturalism". They tell the people that they either have to pay for their crimes of colonialism. In the case of non-colonial powers such as Norway (Not a single one for them) and Sweden, they are told that their ethnic and cultural ties to colonialist peoples have given them enough of an advantage to warrant their need to pay as well. In any case, they are also told that they have no culture of their own and need a good dose of it from another group.

On the flip-side, the people are told that they need a source of cheaper labor to keep the cradle-to-grave system going, so what is needed is a mass-importation of people from Muslim-majority nations. How it is that a system that constantly needs the injection of new people to keep it going does not need to be radically changed is never mentioned. Also left out is the logical conclusion of such a scheme - if a system cannot survive without massive importation of new immigrants, at some point there will be too many retired people and not enough places to live for the next wave of those who would provide a new source of cheap labor.

Well, the cultural part goes this way - Gang-rapes a-plenty of indigenous females, routine street beatings and robberies of indigenous males, demands that concession after concession be made to accommodate the strictures of the religion of the new residents. Their preachers go to all lengths to denigrate the society of the nation that allowed them to move there. They assure everyone that, once their numbers have increased to the necessary levels, that they will make their religion the Law of the nation. When they are really angry, they burn the place, buildings, cars, what-have you. When the firefighters show up, they are shot at, forcing them to go in only with a police escort or not at all. In Malmo, Sweden, the mail cannot even be delivered:

On the economic side, the picture is no prettier - The people who are supposedly brought to generate tax revenue actually wind up costing far more in welfare payments than they contribute in taxes, thus exacerbating the original problem. The crime levels in urban areas in which they live soar so high that the police of these countries - traditionally known for law-abiding people, have to be greatly-augmented, thus adding a further financial burden to the system. When they are really angry, they burn the place,.........

The Media, which functions as an arm of the Left, then go into high gear, assuring us that the problems are a result of poverty, racism, and intolerance in the areas that repeatedly go up in flames. They rush hither and yon, looking for someone to claim that the whole thing was started by cops that apparently must have just walked up and called them names. No one wonders if the cops have had it up to here with having to deal with nonstop violence in their own country.

-From Gates of Vienna:

"It would be an overstatement to assert that Stockholm is on fire. It has not gone that far yet. But in the city’s highly immigrant-affected surrounding suburbs such as Husby, Rinkeby, Fittja, Kista, Södertälje and even Oluf Palme’s favorite enclave Vällingby, we have now seen cars and schools being set on fire for five successive days while the summoned firefighters and police officers have been attacked with stones hundreds of times.........

It is obviously a demonstration of power. The Middle Eastern culture of violence amongst young men has arrived in the most well-meaning part of Scandinavia, where the old media as well as leading politicians are watching in disbelief. What is happening is impossible. But it happens again and again. Even when the media do not report on it......

What we are experiencing these days is that Sweden is still part of Europe, and an integrated part of the demographic, political and social development characterizing the continent proportionally as still more immigrants from especially Muslin countries settle in Western welfare states. The common denominator is conflicts, clashes, crimes, social fraud, so-called ‘honor killings’, massive abuse of women and rape waves. All this is combined with a growing pressure on public finance and the welfare system, since the immigration from non-Western countries costs billions..........."

There is more in the link.

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