Friday, January 13, 2012

The Mail Must Go Through - Except in Malmo, Sweden

As noted in previous posts, the city of Malmo, Sweden is every bit of a case study for the consequences of virtually unchecked immigration of Muslims into Western Europe. The city, which is expected to be the first city in Sweden  have a Muslim majority in a few years, is at best a Middle-Eastern-Muslim dominated version of the Wild West - that without any degree of justice or order. At least the American West in its worst days was normally a relatively quiet place to live with shootouts being nowhere near as frequent as the movies would make it appear.
Gang rapes of ethnic Swedish women are so common as to cease being noteworthy, arson/firebomb attacks, along with attacks on responding firefighters, are so frequent as to cause those personnel to require police escorts, and the Jewish community is getting run out of town.

As if this was not enough, now the Postal Service is refusing to enter certain portions of the city due to threats. The residents of the neighborhoods are organizing to deliver their own mail.

I mean, how does one threaten the mailman? Aren't most people happy to see him/her? Is he bringing too many bills to the immigrants families who are breaking the Swedish welfare system?

The Social Democrats, with viciously self-loathing people like Mona Sahlin, still do nothing to stop this unrelenting assault on everything that makes Sweden Swedish. They are step-by-step knowingly, purposely, and willingly, allowing the very culture of that nation to be torn apart.

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