Thursday, November 8, 2012

UK, US Ready to Gang Up on Syria -Bring on the Caliphate

I wish that I had read this yesterday. If I had, I could have included it in that post.

UK Prime Minister Cameron has stated that the UK will now deal directly with leaders of the Syrian opposition. A Turkish official also has stated that they have discussed the possibility of creating a safe zone in Syria with patriot missiles.

Although the latter may just be propaganda by the Turks, can we be that far away from a no-fly zone?

What we are witnessing is the sowing of the seed for the restoration of the Caliphate - a unified pan-national Islamic government under one leader who functions in a dual Pope/Emperor capacity, just with even more power than either of the other two offices in their respective capacities. And to top it all off, it is we who are doing the sowing.

"They that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind" Hosea 8:7

I will freely admit that the Shiite, Sunni, Sufi, and other Islamic sects are far from uniting on their own due to strong doctrinal and practical differences, but what good can possibly come from giving the boot to yet another least somewhat secular strongman who has until now kept Islamists at bay?

We have watched Iraq (Our own doing), Egypt (Intense US Pressure), Libya (Key US involvement) and Tunisia fall prey to those who want sharia law, the destruction of Israel, and the reduction of Christians to a worse status than they had prior to the demise of the regimes. Christians there already had it badly enough with rapes, kidnappings, murder, and routine discrimination, and all of these have multiplied exponentially once the autocratic rulers were pushed out.

I find it hard to believe that the leaders of the US and the UK think that they can get it right this time by working with the rebels.

I wonder how long Russia will stand clear of this destructive involvement by the Western powers.

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