Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Romney Missed the Mark on Syria

When Romney had his third debate with Obama, he dropped one line that proved how unwilling American politicians are to admit what is happening in the Islamic world.

At one point, while describing the situation in the Near and Middle East, Romney noted that the Assad regime was still in power. He clearly meant to use this against Obama to note that the president had not done enough to rid Syria of a dictator.

I should not have been surprised as American politicians from both parties are still pretending that the Arab spring is a good thing - this despite the fact that every fall of an authoritarian regime in that region has been marked by horrific attacks on Christians and institutionalized calls for attacks on Israel.

Romney had a great chance to strike a blow against Obama. He could have noted that these regimes were far more stable than what followed in their wake. He could have stressed that, in the power vacuums, the most radical and organized of groups will exert the most influenced. If he did not know this before the Arab Spring he certainly knew it after Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya, (Don't forget Iraq).

Obama could have been made to look like the blunderer that he is.

Instead, Romney fell right in line with the position that it is in the interests of the US and the rest of the world that the old regimes fall and be replaced by Islamists, who have every intention of eliminating all nations and resorting a united Caliphate.

We have no real leadership in the US.

-From Jihad Watch:
The link has a summary and a video of the demonstration.

"Following are excerpts from footage of a demonstration that took place in Damascus, which was posted on the Internet on September 14, 2012.

Demonstrator: Oh Bashar, you traitor...

Crowds: Oh Bashar, you traitor...

Demonstrator: We want to instate the Koran.

Crowds: We want to instate the Koran.

Demonstrator: To hell with freedom...

Crowds: To hell with freedom...

Demonstrator: We want an Islamic caliphate.

Crowds: We want an Islamic caliphate.

Demonstrator: To hell with being peaceful...

Crowds: To hell with being peaceful...

Demonstrator: We want weapons and AK-47s.

Crowds: We want weapons and AK-47s"

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