Monday, March 4, 2013

Russia Criticizes Aid to Syrian Rebels

Russia seems to be the only nation that has any understanding of the purposefully made catastrophe that the Western Powers are fostering in Syria. Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia are now bereft of the autocratic regimes that at least kept a lid on the violence-hungry Islamists who shockingly follow the tenets of their religion. Western leaders, including the former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, have called for the ouster of one of the last somewhat stable and non-Islamist governments on the region.

"Russia, meanwhile, sharply criticized a decision by Western powers to boost their support for Syrian opposition forces trying to topple President Bashar Assad, saying the promised assistance would only intensify the nearly 2-year-old conflict.....

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich said Friday the moves announced in Rome "in spirit and in letter directly encourage extremists to seize power by force, despite the inevitable sufferings of ordinary Syrians that [it or this] entails."

Meanwhile, the US is bent on setting up another Muslim state in which Christians will have, instead of a small amount of protection, no protection at all.

In a bid to boost the opposition, the Obama administration pledged Thursday at a conference in Rome it will provide non-lethal aid directly to Syrian rebels, while also announcing an additional $60 million in assistance to Syria's political opposition.

We have to furlough longtime government employees and make other cuts for sequestration, but money is no object when it comes to running Christian out of the region in which that religion was born.

Rapes, forced marriages following rapes, kidnappings, shootings and bombings, acid attacks, and people run out of town are just a few examples of what's in store for the Christians that have not yet fled the country.

-From previous posts:

I always knew in my hear that we need a strong nation that has a majority Christian population and is not afraid to consider itself as having a Christian character and culture. I fear that the nations of Western Europe are too much like milksops right now, and the US is too busy essentially encouraging these Islamist groups to take control of nations that were formerly ruled by autocrats that kept some sort of lid on this.

Do to my concerns that the nation that I had in mind seems to be willing to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, I refrained from mentioning what I knew in my heart to be be our only hope.

Russia must step in.

Although her record is inconsistent on this issue, she has historically been the only nation that has made any effort to assist Christians in Muslim-ruled nations. Russia has had decent relations with the Assad regimes. The Christians of the Near and Middle East are mostly Orthodox (with some Catholics). If Great Britain (Along with France) had not started the Crimean War to help the Ottomans and thus keep Russia from controlling the Black Sea, Constantinople and much of modern Turkey may have very well have been liberated. Once that occurred, there is do disputing that, even if other Christians were not liberated, the knowledge that a great power was close enjoy to assist their brethren would be cause for Muslims to think twice about committing acts of violence. In the latter days of the Ottoman Empire Russia pressed for being recognized as having sovereignty over the Christians under Islamic rule.

Personally, I could not care less if Russia had so much influence in a region close to the sources of much of our oil supply. The Russians aren't dummies, and they have no reason to shut down shipments that would be headed our way. It would also be nice to know we would not have to be virtually the only appreciable naval presence in the region.

Russia is close enough geographically to send and maintain sufficient troops and equipment for such a campaign. She is not destitute financially. Her people are not milquetoasts like many of the US and Western Europe; I don't see many Cindy Sheehans among them. Russian soldiers are as manly as ours and they routinely go long periods without the comforts that many US military personnel enjoy.

It is time that Russia fixes the mess created by GW Bush and perfected by Obama. A move into Syria would be the first logical step. Russia has a naval base in the region, and Lebanon could be occupied at the same time. Once her position is consolidated, the message can be put out that no further acts of violence against Christians in the region will be tolerated. Call him a thug if you want but don't dismiss the man - if I heard such a warning from from Putin, I would not doubt that he was serious.

I would not doubt that such a bold move would result in throngs of foreign volunteers to assist Russia in her efforts. The UN, with its massive Muslim nation voting bloc, will go bananas, but who cares? Unless I misunderstand this, Russia can still exercise a Security Council veto.

A move such as this could possibly even reduce the likelihood that Israel and Iran will go to war in the near future.

In a post on August 18, 2012, I finally admitted to myself that neither America, Western Europe, nor any other nation(s) were going to left a finger to provide any amount of security to their coreligionists in the region in which Christianity began. I consequently dispensed with my concerns with Russia's apparent willingness to let Iran move forward with its nuclear program and called for the Third Rome to step in and take action in support of Christians in the Middle and Near East. I noted that Russia had already, in the days prior to the greed and jealousy-inspired Western European foolishness of the Crimean War, demanded that she be allowed to have sovereignty over all Christians in the regions then under Ottoman rule. A strong Russian presence would be a major deterrent to those who seek to treat Christians brutally, may have them think twice about attacking landlocked Armenia and her sister Republic of of Nagorno-Karabakh, and give Iran cause to back off from threatening Israel.

It is time that we admit to ourselves that the balance of power and somewhat static condition of the world as we have known to exist for decades is long gone. The Soviet Union and the US are no longer the players on the board in the region. The former is defunct, and its successor nation, no longer encumbered with the burden of advancing the pathetic ideology of Socialism (That's our problem now) not only deserves to, but has a degree of obligation, to play its part. During the Cold War, the great post-WWII powers a least had movements in that region that were somewhat nationalistic or political in nature and could provide or withdraw support to these as the situation dictated.

With the onset of an neo-Islam that is every bit what it was when it burst out of Arabia in the 7th century and more, it is time that it be confronted on the conditions that its adherents are forcing on us. The nature of Islam is to see overtures of peace as weakness. It can only be dealt with by rolling it back against itself until it stagnates, or better yet, collapses completely. The voting bloc of Islamic nations in the UN will howl with protest, but their barbaric system must be stripped of all power.

We need to accept that things need to change. Russia is still a major power, and an extension of her influence has the potential of making her an even greater one. If the arrival in that region of a nation that maintains a paternal attitude towards Christians can afford them some reasonable protection, and this leads to a further strengthening of the Russian state, I can find no argument that this could be a problem. Russia has no designs on conquering either Western Europe or China, and the US has far more in her favor in encouraging mutual business interests between the two nations. Russia is not a true Republic or a Democracy? So what? Russia did not have the benefit of developing free of foreign rule as did the nations of Western Europe. She only fully shook herself free from the rule of the Mongol Khanates when Western Europe had a firm foothold in the modern era. Until that point the Russian principalities were either tribute-paying vassals or frontier states dealing with the last of the Asiatic nomads.

Spain and Portugal too had the same frontier state problems in having to, in piecemeal fashion, reconquer their penisula from Islamic rule. Even with their postion, one that was much less geographically isolated from Western Europe than Russia, was not enough to preclude a period of struggle to create societies that were conducive to the sort of government that GW Bush insisted that Russia adopt immediately or face ostracism. The decades of stagnation that resulted from Soviet Marxism also created a situation from which it was much harder to extricate a society and establish a solid Republic than the one that Spain had bequeathed to it by Franco.

I for one would hold that a more assertive Russia that has a real mission, and a solid sense of identity that goes along with such, would be beneficial to the world scene.

The vicious Anjem Choudary recently, as have dozens of his coreligionists in other Western Europe nations, called for Muslims in the UK to keep having more babies in order to take over the country by demographics. With their declared intentions for Western Europe, and their current oppressive actions in the Middle and Near East, the prospect of an Islam that will tire of its designs of world conquest is basically nil.

We have to be open to major changes; Christians are being wiped out or forced out of the Middle and Near East and Western Culture is being threatened in manner not seen since the period from the first two centuries of Islamic conquest to the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683. The latter event was a mere one hundred years prior to the peace treaty that was signed by the representatives of the United Kingdom and the American Republic.

The global situation that we have come to assume to be relatively permanent is untenable.

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