Monday, November 14, 2011

Erick Holder Declines to Apologize for Agent Terry's Murder Then Leaks an Apology to the Press Before Terry's Family

The disgrace of an Attorney General that is Erik Holder, when asked at a Senate Judiciary Hearing if he intended to apologize for Border Patrol Agent Terry's murder (Which was committed using a weapon obtained from the Justice Department's Fast and Furious program) declined to do so and stated that he regretted what happened.

Terry's Mom and Dad, who for the last year have made no public statements, were understandably distraught and shocked. Holder's office, in damage control mode, then quickly drew up an apology which was promptly leaked to the press before being delivered to the Terry's.

This from the same man who pretends to be under the impression that the Second Amendment does not apply to private citizens and works the old tired line that it only refers to the Nationals Guard of states, which is mentioned in the second portion of that amendment. (And of course under the control of the Federal government whenever they want)

He and his tenure are abominations.

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