Monday, November 18, 2013

Our Electorate is Comfortable With Marxist Politicians

At one time, the fact that the City of Milwaukee had boasted (sic) a Socialist mayor was a surprise to many.

Today, it is no longer a big deal, and that is why the People must realize that we can no longer share the same nation with the enemies of Humanity. . 

Residents of the City of New York, a metropolis that has long been considered the prime example of the success of the market economy, recently elected Bill de Blasio as mayor. The new chief elected officer of NYC spent his honeymoon in Cuba and for years was an enthusiastic supporter of the Sandinistas. de Blasio ran as a Democrat, but given the fact that this party is now driven by the Left, his actual party label means nothing. One can imagine what political party, if any such entity still exists, would be a suitable home for Harry Truman or John F. Kennedy.

Residents of Seattle, not to be outdone by their East Coast urban comrades, elected Kshama Sawant - who eschews even the formality of using a traditional party label that  may cause some to let their guard down, to the city council. Sawant is a Socialist.

So gone to Hell is the Democratic Party of the United States and the individuals who cast their votes for its candidates that de Blasio could, knowing that it would not hurt his candidacy (a key point of this post), state the following when he spoke to a group of real estate developers - prior to the actual election.

"Business leaders in the city are scratching their heads over recent remarks by Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio.

Describing how he plans to govern once he takes office next year, the mayor-elect declared flatly that he doesn’t believe in the free-market system.......

Everything you heard about me is true. . . I am not a free-marketeer. . . I believe in the heavy hand of government,” de Blasio stated matter-of-factly during an hour-long presentation to some of the city’s biggest real-estate developers.

The meeting occurred several weeks before the election with de Blasio way ahead in the polls and New York’s business elite hoping and praying he wasn’t as much of a leftist as he said he was on the campaign trail.

Now that de Blasio’s been elected mayor with a resounding 73 percent of the vote, his comments have become a hot topic for business people trying to digest what life will be like with Comrade Bill in charge....."

Sawant too operates with the correct assumption that to speak like a Marxist is no longer even a minor hindrance to one who is seeking office. Indeed in many cases or regions in the nation, it may even help:

"......Sawant, 41, is on leave from her post as a Seattle Central Community College professor. She ran her campaign blasting income inequality and supported raising the minimum wage to $15 for all workers in the city.

I think we have shown the strongest skeptics that the Socialist label is not a bad one for a grassroots campaign to succeed,” Sawant told the Associated Press this week.

At a rally for slain teen Trayvon Martin in Seattle over the summer, Sawant linked so-called “stand your ground” laws to the capitalist system that she said was “at the root” of racism in America.

“Our task is far bigger than the repeal of a single law. We need to recognize what is at the root of racism, this hatred and fear of black people, of people of color, of poor people,” Sawant said. “The root cause of these blatantly unjust laws is the capitalist system itself … this system does not work for us. Racism is necessary for this oppressive system to exist. It prevents ordinary people from coming together of different races and turning their fire towards Wall Street, corporate politicians and the ruling elite as a whole … the bankers, the billionaires, the capitalists — they are the criminals of our society. They are amounting unimaginable wealth by exploiting the rest of us and maintaining their power by dividing us.”

We must reject this divided rule and build an independent united working class movement that will put on trial American racism, sexism, class and gender exploitation, and capitalism itself,” she said."

There you have it

One mayoral candidate of a city of well over 8,000,000 people, an entity that historians will note was once synonymous with the success of the free market, can state flat-out that he does not favor the market economy as a concept and add that he believes in the the chilling "heavy hand of government" - and win the election by a landslide. 

A new member of the city council of another once-great city can dive right into presenting capitalism as the source of evil in a nation that, while practicing that economic system, made more people free, well-fed housed, and clothed, as well as liberated more souls than any other nation on the history of the world. She goes on to claim that the evil capitalism has a natural outcome."Racism" (which never means anything but subjugating whites to the whims of everyone else) as the second enemy that must be taken head-on. She knows that she can speak in this manner  with no appreciable fallout for her hateful remarks.

As I have asked before in previous posts;

At what point will enough be enough for you?.

I see nothing more than two utterly different nations that are diametrically opposed to each other. They will not compromise. They will make more copies of themselves in the Halls of Academia (and with the Common Core in primary schools). They will work tirelessly to bring as many like-minded individuals from nations that have no history of our system of government; nations in which concepts that gave birth to the system that made us great is foreign.

In the Decline of the West, Oswald Spengler correctly noted that the mind of the Socialist is not motivated by compassion, but control - the fierce determination to force his will onto all"

"In spite of its foreground appearances ethical socialism is not a system of compassion, humanity, peace, and kindly care, but one of will-to-power. Any other reading of it is illusory.....The Socialist wants to organize and recast it [the world] in its form and substance, to fill it with his own spirit (emphasis his)...the Socialist commands. He would have the whole world take the shape he desires...."

The American People are at a crossroads, but they fear having to admit this to themselves. Roughly half of the minds in our nation are ruined*. The sooner that we begin to take steps to effect a divorce from the Leftist-run regions of the nation, the better. Each year that goes by while we ignore this unpleasant reality brings tens of thousands of new Leftists, and that is just the university-indoctrinated. The longer that we wait, the harder it will be to effect a break. The longer that we ignore the handwriting on the wall** that all can read clearly, the more of the nation that will have already been lost.

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