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Norwegian Leftists Robbed in Their Home - Blame System That Denied Asylum for Perpetrators

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

This one tops the earlier story for which I used the old phrase - Now I've seen everything.

A Norwegian couple, both journalists who support the ongoing dismemberment of their nation and the eroding of the cultural identity of its people, were tied up and robbed on their own home by men who had been recently denied asylum (note that Multiculturalist Norway does not often deny these requests).

After the fact, the man [sic] and his wife or girlfriend were confident that they understood the crux of the problem with violent crime in Norway - a nation in which, prior to the Leftist-enforced policy of  mass immigration was virtually nonexistent, but is now commonplace.

- It was the fault of the Norwegian system (like many of Western Europe, one that reality pours massive amounts of immigrants from Muslim-majority nations into countries of quite peaceful people) for failing to give these poor guys a chance to live and work in Norway. - We had it coming, so to speak.

Another point that I need to note but will treat in detail later in this post was that the guy allowed himself to be tied up, a decision which would allow the criminals to do whatever they wished to the lady, in order to save his own life. Western men have abandoned almost every characteristic that  makes them Western men.

I have two links. One is to the original article, which Google Translate does a fair job of rendering it in English considering that the translation was done by a computer in about three seconds, and the other is from Gates of Vienna which was written by the gifted but often-maligned writer Fjordman.



Excerpt from GOV:

".......It is an old saying that “A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged.” Yet here we are dealing with two open-border Multiculturalists who were mugged in a very brutal manner. They reacted to this by becoming… even more devout open-border Multiculturalists. The couple were assaulted in their own private home in Oslo in late 2011. The two hooded intruders spoke broken English, mixed with some Arabic and Spanish words. They said, “Don’t look. Sleep. If look, we kill.”

The couple were tied up in their bed in the middle of the night and robbed of their valuables. One of the young foreign criminals was later caught. He turned out to be an 18-year-old North African from Algeria who had lived in Spain for some years. The female victim, Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland, is relieved that she did not become a racist because of this traumatic ordeal.

It turned out that the two young criminal men were asylum seekers who had recently had their applications for residency rejected. The conclusion drawn by the victims Arild Opheim and Elin Ruhlin Gjuvsland was that they and other Norwegians deserve to be violently attacked because of the country’s allegedly restrictive immigration policies. ..........

These journalists did not refer to illegal immigrants even as “paperless immigrants” but as “dreamers”: nice people who simply dream of a better life in Europe but are being unfairly denied this. They used the term “as deserved” (som fortjent) explicitly in this newspaper essay about violent attacks against the natives. Does this imply that a 90-year-old Norwegian woman who is assaulted and robbed by foreigners in the country where her ancestors have lived since prehistoric times somehow “deserves” this? According to this essay, the white majority population apparently “deserve” to be assaulted and robbed.

The above-mentioned article did not stipulate any age limit. It seemed to indicate that 9-year-old girls or 90-year-old women deserve to be physically assaulted by immigrants solely because they are white and their country has not yet accepted unlimited mass immigration for billions of people. Not only did these two journalists from the state broadcaster say this; the newspaper Dagbladet saw fit to publish this claim......"

There you have it - Violent crime in Norway  and by extension the rest of Western Europe) is solely due to the fault of overly restrictive immigration policies. If Norway allowed each and every asylum-seeker to live in that nation, there would be no problem.

Note that this claim is coming from the mouth of a Leftist, so the probability that the writer knows that he/she is being untruthful is more than high.. The search bar at the top right of this blog page will provide a generous selection of earlier posts that treat violent crimes in Western European nations by newcomers who were not denied asylum. Search terms such as "rape", gang-rape", "wave", "grooming", or "gangs" are all that are needed. 

Leftists want to end both any national sovereignty and any form of cultural identity of Western Europeans, so they need to play the Bertolt Brecht  game of electing a new people*.

This is not the first time that Scandinavian Leftists put the blame squarely at the feet of their own. Check out this comment about the attacks on ethnic Norwegian girls and women - by a Norwegian woman no less.  

"....The response is from Unni Wikan, a Social Anthropology professor at the University of Oslo.

"Norwegian women must take their share of responsibility for these rapes" because Muslim men found their manner of dress provocative. The professor's conclusion was not that Muslim men living in the West needed to adjust to Western norms, but the exact opposite: "Norwegian women must realize that we live in a multicultural society and adapt themselves to it."...."

-Spewing filth while her fellow citizens are being treated as they are not even human. 

The second point that I wanted to note was that the guy was willing to allow himself to be tied up, which would leave his wife/girlfriend defenseless. The following notes are from a post about Spanish men allowing the same thing to happen to them, but the point is the same. The Norwegian guy was born and bred in a nation that was founded by what we can safely say were some of the manliest men ever to have existed, but he chose to eschew all of that silly stuff of living up the the examples of one's ancestors. 

[Six Spanish men allowed themselves to be tied up by thugs while on vacation on Mexico. All of the women in the party were then raped]

"....in this case we find not one man out of six who was willing to lay down his life and refuse to just let armed men harm the women who were vacationing with the group.

What value is one's life if you give it priority over that of others?

Of course, with six armed assailants, there was probably no way that the vacationers could "win the battle", but how can one expect to live with himself after choosing to allow the criminals to tie you up? Did they think that, following this, the females would only be robbed and otherwise be treated nicely?

Spain has a history chock full of brave men who would, regardless of the chances of survival, steadfastly and in an indignant manner, refuse to submit to allowing the weak to be victimized.

Despite the consequences, I would much rather be remembered for telling the thugs to go ---- themselves than have to be untied by the rape victims after I made it easy for them to be attacked.
These women, whether they be wives, girlfriends, sisters, etc., deserved better. I could never show my face to any of them after failing to make any stand whatsoever in their defense, even if I knew that I would not survive.

The men of the West have sunk to levels unimaginable by any of their predecessors. They have chosen to believe that, as the Left tells them, men are no different from women and that the only thing of value is your own life.

What about your reputation? Your sense of shame?

As the Athenian lawgiver Solon is recorded (by Herodotus) to have told King Croesus of Lydia (The King being fabulously rich), no man can know if he is truly happy unless that happiness extends until, or occurs at, the point of his death. I don't believe that any of these men have much of a chance of dying with good memories of their lives.

They will be forever remembered as the men who chose their own lives at the expense of the women in their party."

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