Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SCOTUS Orders Obama Administration to Answer in Homeschooling Case

This post is a follow- up to a story that has been ongoing since March of this year. These were the first three posts:


"The Romeike family that is facing deportation to Germany was interviewed by Glenn Beck. This family fled Germany after realizing that they effectively had no rights in the Fatherland. Homeschooling is prohibited in Germany. Children are required to attend public schools, with all of the Leftist curricula that goes along with that. Faced with the possible loss of custody of their kids without even the benefit of a hearing, they made it to the US, where they were granted asylum.

That's where The Department of Homeland Security, what may be turning into the core of Obama's Civilian Security Force, came into the picture. No doubt acting under orders from the administration, DHS has claimed that homeschooling is not a right and that the original grant of asylum was a mistake...."

"The Romeike family, although clearly terribly wronged by The White House and by our courts, is only a pawn in yet another soft totalitarian scheme of the Obama administration. Originally granted asylum by an immigration court, the White House, eager to earn a win by Case Law that would declare that home schooling is not a right, appealed the ruling and the Romeike's lost in Immigration Appellate Court. That ruling was in turn appealed by the Romeike family. That is how the Sixth Circuit Court got the case.

The reasons that the court gave for their ruling are extraordinarily weak - the ruling can be read in an embedded file on the top link. It seems to have stopped short of declaring definitively that homeschooling is not a right, but the fact that it was not addressed does not make this pill any easier to swallow......"

Main post:

Germany does not allow parents to educate their children at home. This extraordinary overreach of governmental authority - and a clear violation of the Natural Law,  is something that makes Leftists such as Obama and Co. envious to the point of sheer exasperation.

Why can't we do that here? It would solve all of our problems.

It is they who command the content of the material that is utilized to propagandize our children in schools. Children of parents who are able to make the sacrifice that shields them from such mind-control are a threat to the Left. Advocates of systems that defy all logic and the Natural Rights of mankind cannot allow people to be free of the only means of forcing people to conform.

Obama wants this one - and badly so. If SCOTUS decides not to grant a writ of certiorari  and declines to hear this case, or if they do hear the arguments and rule in favor of the state, we will see a torrent of laws and regulations that will  make home schooling in the US virtually impossible to do. A refusal to hear the case or a ruling that effectively declares that there is no Constitutional right to educated your own children will be the signal for the Left to crush any resistance.

The only option - and obligation, left at that point will be to defy the State.


"The U.S. Supreme Court has ordered the Obama administration to respond to a petition by the Home School Legal Defense Association to hear an appeal in the Romeikes deportation case.

The Obama administration has sought to deport the Romeikes, a German family that fled from to the United States to protect their right to homeschool. If they had stayed in Germany, they risked fines or having their children taken from them, as recently happened with another homeschooling family in Germany.

An appeals court agreed with the administration, which argued that the freedom to determine the education of one's children isnot a fundamental right. The administration also agreed with a German court's argument that banning homeschooling teaches tolerance of diverse views. HSLDA petitioned the Supreme Court to review that appeals court decision.

The fact that the Supreme Court wants the administration to weigh in on the petition increases the likelihood that it will hear the case, but it is no guarantee.......

"Germany's treatment of homeschoolers violates its international treaty obligations and human rights standards that establish the primary role of parents – versus governments – in selecting the kind of education their children should receive. German policy makers need to update their laws to respect these international human rights and protect basic freedom in education. HSLDA is working with German homeschooling advocates and others to achieve this goal," said Mike Donnelly, HSLDA's director for international affairs."

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