Thursday, November 15, 2012

Questions Before Secession

The thought of a split of the American Republic is not an easy pill to swallow. We have come to assume that the United States in which most of us were born, raised, learned about in school and from books, movies, patriotic holidays, etc., was began in 1776 and that it would still be around long after we are gone.

I have been torn over this since the mid-90's. Like many people, I had taken it for granted that, as a result of the collapse of the USSR and its client-states, Marxist-inspired college professors would either see the light or be so utterly discredited as to become laughing stocks of the young people who sat in the lecture halls.

What I found during the 90's was that the Western variant of Marxism had the ability to, like a bacterium that had squeaked by courses of a particular antibiotic enough times, develop resistance against what would easily kill it off in the past.

Gone (For the most part) were the calls for the people to seize the means of production. The Cultural Marxism promulgated by Georg Lukaks and Antonio Gramsci then gained ascendancy . The latter was nothing new, it was similarly a more stealthy means by which the people of the West could be softened up for the supposed inevitable onset of Marxism and the corresponding end of sovereign states.

The welfare state of LBJ's Great Society was a great leap forward in this direction. Generations of people would know nothing other than lives of subsistence earned by nothing more than the act of signing a few legal forms. As we go into fourth generations of this soft but still insidious servitude, the voting bloc that seems nothing strange about this grows ever larger.

Our schools have ceased to be places of learning. they are now reeducation camps where the youth are trained to dispense with any romantic notions about patriotism, Western Culture, respect for religious traditions (Unless that of the Muslims), heroic people of the West who stood for freedom and virtue, and above all familial loyalties.

Nations such as India and China produce engineers - we produce Sociology majors steeped in the concepts of anti-Western propaganda.

We are told that somehow States have to ability and authority to define marriage, an institution that existed long, long before any organized government existed.

People are fast losing control over their bodies, property, wealth, and freedom of speech is also in the crosshairs.

I ask that the reader consider the following:

Is the American voting public going to change its outlook anytime in the next thirty years?

Are colleges (Yes some are conservative) going to stop indoctrinating 18-26 year-old students with leftist thought?

Is the Federal government going to stop intruding on our Liberties?

Will the Federal Government stop at the $200.000+ amount of debt that every American newborn is currently allotted by having been  born? Note that that number assumes that each one of those babies will be a taxpayer. so the amount is undoubtedly larger.

Will our primary schools return to teaching (The literacy rate is appalling) and also give students  reasons to be proud to be Americans?

Will the initiative to have individual States pledge all of their electoral votes to the popular vote winner* (Thus completely eliminating any protections for non-urban states - making rural states non-issues) be ignored?
*The left is infuriated by the fact that they need to do more than simply win all urban enclaves)

Will initiatives to allow convicted felons the right to vote be dropped?

Will the brakes be put on the increasing amount of surveillance (Drones, etc.) being undertaken without warrants?

Will NYC laws controlling such trivial issues such as soft drink sizes and salt intake be restricted to similar places or will they be applied to Anytown USA?

Will the Supreme Court, even without the inevitable new Obama appointees, go back to protecting our rights?

Will the courts start throwing our frivolous lawsuits by every angry and rabid atheist for a benediction or monument that recognizes our Creator?

Will the Left break from its alliance with radical environmentalists and the Islamic world?

As much as I respect the enormous contributions and sacrifices of the Tea Party and others who strive to restore the Republic, I still must ask the following:

Will the above group(s) be able to persuade the 50+ million who voted for a man who has wrecked the economy,  put us in crushing debt, engaged in blatant demagoguery, insulted his political opponents as a daily requirement, etc., to vote for  candidate who seeks to adhere to the Constitution and put the US on the right track?

Would the Founding Fathers, Daniel Webster, Andrew Jackson, or Abraham Lincoln accept, or even recognize, the United States as it exists today?

These are just some questions that one should consider before he dismisses the idea of reforming the nation along traditional lines.

Our society and its freedoms were bequeathed to us. To dispense with them ourselves or to allow others to dismantle them is not acceptable.

They most assuredly will not stop. Like Mariano Rivera, who for years threw only one pitch (His cut-fastball), simply because he was able to get batters out, with it, the Left will keep firing away at us. Opposing batters at least had eight innings to hit against other pitchers. We have no such luxury; the enemy is relentless and does not tire easily.

We can do this. We will need to unite. We can get our schools back, put a stop to insane spending,  protect taxpayers from becoming serfs of the system who labor for others*, and take back our legacy.

*I will not be taken to mean that we will let people starve, etc.

Half of a country saved is better than an entire country lost.


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