Saturday, November 23, 2013

4th Graders Get Dear Leader Propaganda

In Illinois, 10 and 11 year-olds get a heartbreaking story about how Obama struggled with his black identity and white racism.

It is reportedly in the school library and not a part of the curriculum, but it is still another frightening portent of the future; one in which the children are taught to admire- not leaders whom history has proven to have done well, but the current leader.

As illustrated by the stubborn defenses made by Howard Dean supporters after his Iowa caucus scream-fest in 2004*, we are fast devolving into a nation in which the People are being taught to like the leader rather than his actions and policies.

"A biography of President Obama being studied by at least one fourth-grade class has received criticism for glossing over negative aspects of the president, painting white voters as likely racists and highlighting the commander-in-chief’s early identity struggles by focusing on his teenage drug use.

The book, “Barack Obama,” was published by Lerner Publishing in 2010 as part of their series “History Maker Bios.” All presidents going back to Richard Nixon -- except George W. Bush -- were the subjects of similar biographies published by Lerner, which did not respond to questions from

Critics also say the new Obama book is biased, pointing to a passage that reads, “but some people said Americans weren’t ready for that much change. Sure Barack was a nice fellow, they said. But white voters would never vote for a black president.”....

Another passage of the book discusses Obama’s youthful identity crisis and drug use, which Obama himself wrote about in his own biography. One passage reads, “When Barry looked in the mirror, he saw a young black man. But he didn't know how to be black. And no one was there to teach him. He decided to act like the black characters he saw on TV. He started acting tough. He cursed. Was that what it meant to be black? As he got older, he started smoking and drinking. Was that what it meant to be black?........

Kyle Olson, founder of the conservative Education Action Group Foundation and, said that is a problem.

“I have no problem with kids learning about Barack Obama ... he’s the President of the United States," said Olson. "However, the book teaches fourth graders that white voters didn’t want to vote for black men......

Olson added that depictions of Republican presidents, by the same publisher, have had different tones.

“The George H. W. Bush book had lines about how wealthy he was, how many maids he had, all of those sorts of things,” Olson said.

Specifically, the book about the elder President Bush reads in one part:

“The Bushes had money for a cook, two maids, a chauffeur (driver), and private schools,” it reads on page 8."

Dean's scream can be seen and heard at around 1:23 on the video clip.

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