Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Elementary School Teacher Fed His Semen to Students

-I wanted to treat this report a few days ago, but it took that much time for me to overcome my revulsion; even reading the story required several breaks to settle down and clear my head.

The ( I am a real loss for appropriate words here) despicable acts of this individual may conceivably have gone unpunished had it not been for a photo technician at a drugstore - an individual who would normally be dismissed as uneducated and unintelligent by many in our hyper-status-conscious society. It was someone who is looked down upon by far too many who not only made note of the content of the photos submitted by the monster, but made the decision to notify the police.


"Mark Berndt, the teacher who committed lewd acts against nearly two dozen Los Angeles schoolchildren, was sentenced Friday to 25 years in prison after facing the parents of his victims, many of whom berated him for stealing the innocence of their children.

Berndt, who taught at Miramonte Elementary School for three decades, pleaded no contest to 23 counts of lewd conduct. The allegations against him included spoon-feeding semen to blindfolded children as part of what he purportedly called a "tasting game." He also was accused of feeding them cookies tainted with his semen and placing cockroaches on their faces.

In a downtown Los Angeles courtroom, Berndt remained silent and avoided eye contact with sobbing parents, who called him "vile" and an "animal." They said their children no longer sleep through the night, are scared of eating cookies and have lost their innocence. One said Berndt should be burned at the stake.

"Our lives have been destroyed by this.... I have been destroyed. She has been destroyed," one mother told the court. Another mother said: "I wake up every morning asking God to give me strength to explain this to my daughter."

Berndt was arrested in January 2012 after a South Bay drugstore photo technician alerted authorities to images of children blindfolded, some with tape over their mouths.
Using the more than 400 photos, authorities spent months tracking down students and conducted dozens of interviews. Ultimately, it was DNA from Berndt's saliva, and from a spoon and container with semen found in his classroom, that led to the charges...........................

Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey said the plea "spares these young victims the anguish of testifying at a trial and sends an unmistakable message to those who dare take advantage of our children that justice will prevail.".....................

With credit for time served and good behavior, Berndt could potentially be out of prison in 19 1/2 years..............."

I have to note that we must make several notes of our own:

-The culture of "do as one will" has made acts such as this increasingly commonplace - we have no fear of God nor any appreciation for his creation

-The Left has repeatedly pushed to abolish references to pedophilia as a disorder* (at bottom). Along with the dropping of that classification for other intrinsically disordered desires there is a reason for this phenomena, which will  cited by an excerpt from an extremely well-thought out post from American Thinker**. The cited article deals with pornography in general, but the point is still clear; the Left likes when we have, or make no attempt to have, any control over ourselves. That is their justification for more control by the State. The targeting of children will increase until we make some serious repairs to our society and the Left as a whole in fine with that.

-That same culture has eroded not only the sense of shame of the individual, but also the of fear of being detected. The monster could easily have purchased a photo printer (assuming that he he using a digital camera) of his own in order to print out his documentation of his basely perverted crimes, but he instead felt comfortable having his photos printed by someone else. The monster wanted to re-live the horrific acts that he perpetrated on kids who, at this time of year, are getting ready to write their letters to Santa Claus.

-  The increasing acceptance of pornography, with the added accessibility of depictions of ever-greater degrees of lewdness (tragically including those of children) on the internet, has resulted in far more individuals making the sick leap from imagining something contemptible to actually doing it.

- The internet has also made it much easier for individuals who may toy with sick fantasies to find others of the same mindset. Once someone can communicate with others who think the same way, moral reservations, possible empathy for victims, or fear of being discovered all quickly melt away.

- That the legal system has had trouble keeping up with the levels of perversion and criminality to which we are sinking is readily apparent in the sentence received for the charges to which the monster plead guilty; he got a paltry 25 years for 23 counts of Lewd Conduct. Not long ago, some states defined rape so narrowly that a man could not legally be guilty of  raping his wife. Many of those same statutes did not include definitions of sexual assault in cases of oral or anal rape. Laws that covered other sex crimes, such as the modern crime of Criminal Sexual Contact (NJ Criminal Code), left little room for police and prosecutors to find a statute that would "fit" the actual act in manner than would allow for any true justice. Of course prosecutors wanted to avoid a trial with child victim-witnesses, but I would guess that California did not have a criminal statute that dealt strictly with this type off act.

and possibly most important of all

-Criminal no longer fear family members or close friends  (or even concerned citizens) of potential victims. 

When I think of elementary school-age kids being treated in this manner, my heart breaks. That occurrence is followed by a cold rage.



".......My argument was that pornography was not merely sexually explicit media, but rather a larger machine of social control. To give free rein to the pornographic imagination, I asserted, was to empower a specific economic regime that would pervert constitutional law in order to take away people's capacity to govern themselves. While women were the most obvious victims of the Pornographic Regime, I believed that gay men would be next, and finally all men, controlled by an unfettered collective id serving the agenda of those with greatest power in society........"

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