Monday, November 12, 2012

In Consideration of Secession Part II

The refrain from the Left can be heard at work, among friends, or from the Media.- "The problem is that people are too radical" (Or any synonym of that).

The idea of this statement is not to admit that both sides have gone too far, it is solely employed to make conservatives the radical ones. As I wrote on a previous post, the Left has grabbed the reigns of the word "center" and artificially shifted it sharply towards the Left. By doing so, the uber-Liberal can now present himself as "Left of Center". What the Liberal/Progressive intends to convey is that his outlook is really pretty close to the Center and that Conservatives are radicals. If you hear the statements come up in conversation, the next thing that will come up is a reference to "people Like Sean Hannity or Fox News" (Both of which are barely right of the actual Center themselves) who are held up as examples as radicals.

I tried a number of Internet searches on secession using key words such as Blue State and Red State*. The funny part was that I found more results from Liberals advocating either their own (Blue State) secession or encouraging in a tongue-in-check manner Red Staters to secede than I did for Red Staters who desired any secession.

* I never really liked the color-coding. States that voted Republican used to be shaded Blue and Democratic-voting States Red. The Media, in an apparent effort to remove the Communist stigma of "red" from Liberals, changed the assignments of colors. The first time that I am aware of this occurring was in the 1980 election,when one network did the switch to Red Republican-voting states. By the 2000 election  the change was a done deal.

Even simply going State-by State is not easy. The following photo is from the link below:

As the reader can plainly see, the counties that voted Progressive/Liberal/Democrat in 2004 were very much restricted to densely populated areas such as major cities and their immediate suburbs.

My point in bring this up is that Liberal/Progressives simply cannot stand Conservatives. Voice mails left of Sean Hannity's radio show line are replete with the most hateful language and intentions imaginable. The way I see it, we would be doing them a favor by removing ourselves outright from their political processes. The American expression that conveys a "Hey, you guys do whatever you want" attitude would work perfectly in this case - "Knock yourself out".

In my secession scenario, fighting to separate counties from States should be avoided at all costs. Despite the goading from Liberals noted above, reforming the Republic into two distinct system of government would
provide enough work. People of my outlook who live in States that always go Liberal in national elections, such as my born-and-raised State of New Jersey**, will have the option of seeking a home and employment in the nation created from (Generally) most of the South, the Midwest, and Western States (Barring those on the Pacific coast). The logistical problem of having a nation with a Liberal/Progressive Constitution existing in separated regions will of course have to be considered and dealt with, but states with non-contiguous domains have existed in the past and there is no reason why they cannot exists today. The advantages of modern technology  air, rail, and road travel and above all electronic communications would negate the vast amount of perceived difficulties.

 In short, if the late Medieval states of Burgundy and the early modern Palatinate in Germany could manage their affairs before even the telegraph, there is no reason to assume that it can't be done today.

** Taking a look at New Jersey, one would see very large regions/ blocs of counties that do not vote for Liberal in national elections (Like mine), but slicing and dicing individual States could turn ugly.

One subsection of the people desires to take their schools back from the Departmental of Education and bring back teaching as opposed to indoctrination, handle their own environmental affairs, create a working energy program, take a reasonable stand on cultural/morality issues, put a stop to viciously anti-religious court actions***, create a business-friendly atmosphere (Especially for small and middle-scale employers), make working for a living a better bet than living for free, and generally return to a traditional American society.

The other subsection desires the contrary to all of the above.

***I personally prefer a secular government but hold that the excising of all Christian and Jewish symbolism and public professions has gone entirely too far.

If we develop an energy program that takes advantage of our resources while strongly promoting by generous tax incentives the building or alternative energy sources, we would take a huge step in walking away from the Middle East. Given that the Islamic governments that are now emerging don't want any Christians hanging around, the first pro-immigration move by the traditional American Nation+ could be to grant permanent visas to those who suffer from persecution and violent crime in their current home countries. 

+ I have no ideas for a name of the proposed nation at this time. I will accept suggestions.

Europe is long past needing our military presence, so that can be ended or whittled down substantially.

We could put an end to antagonizing Russia and form business partnerships with her.

The pro-business climate would make us competitive with China and India, both of which are well on the way to passing us to become larger economies.

What I think that people should ask themselves in this - Do you see the current sharp divisions in political and cultural outlooks changing anytime in the next 20 or 30 years?

If the answer is no, the second question must be how divided we will then be, and how marginalized and shut out Conservative and Traditional Americans will have become once that 20-30 years have elapsed.

These are the groups that will have to come to the table, all being willing to yield on some of their positions:

Basic, non-religious Conservative Americans

Those engaged in business, especially of the small and middle-sized types

Evangelical Christians 

Catholic, Orthodox, and Mainline Protestants

Those of the Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) Church

Family-oriented people

Educators who loathe the current educational system and desire that train wrecks such as sight-words be dropped and phonics be reinstated. (Our illiteracy rates have skyrocketed since phonics was dropped)

Farmers who want to get out from under oppressive EPA and Dept of Labor regulations

Anyone who desires to protect the right of people to own weapons for protection, sporting purposes, or hunting

People who are weary of being enslaved by generations worth of welfare 

People involved in energy development, such as oil, gas and coal industries

Those who desire to live in a free and sovereign nation that does not take orders from the UN

Those who have a nagging feeling that the Federal Reserve may not be serving the best interests of the nation or the people

The person that simply wants to to be left alone 

I am sure that I can come up with more, but I have to turn in for the night. I hope to do Part III tomorrow.

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