Sunday, November 17, 2013

US Education Secretary - Common Core Backlash Due to "Suburban White Moms"

The enemy gave up making any effort to hide their war plans long ago.

The very act of attempting to stop the forcing of - at best, substandard evacuation onto one's children will now incur the implied charge of being a racist. What is more, that same act of protecting your child will result in another accusation - this one leveled at your child; being concerned (or in this case, fully aware) that your kid will not be learning nearly enough to compete and succeed means that you have unrealistic expectations of his intellectual abilities and willingness to learn.

"U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan reportedly said on Friday that some of the opposition to the controversial Common Core State Standards is derived from wealthy white mothers upset to learn their children are not as bright as they thought.

According to the Washington Post, Duncan told a group of state schools superintendents he found it “fascinating” opposition comes from “white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t as good as they though they were.”.........."

The language is nothing if not Orwellian - Accept that we will teach your kid very little or we will casually and haughtily dismiss you as not being aware of you own kid's abilities. We know how smart your kid is and you don't. And - by the way, for white people who live in the suburbs - you aren't smart, educated or hardworking enough to afford the costs of living next to truly successful people, so who do you think you are telling us how to do our jobs or living in a single-family residence*.  You dare open your mouth in protest at what we are doing? That means that you must be white and by extension assume that you are born to privilege.

I wonder how concerned non-white parents will react to this. If I were Back or Hispanic, I would be quite angry at the insinuation that I was not sharp enough to understand that my kid is being cheated out of a decent education and that my ethnicity prevents me from voicing any concern.

I am having a hard time coming up with words to describe the multiple angles of levels of lies that the US Secretary of Education has employed with his second accusation.  The first one is easy enough to understand in our anti-white, make-it-easy by blaming white (especially those of the Leftist-derided suburban types) culture, but the second part is so insidious as to defy attempts to explain.

Think about it. The Left creates the Common Core, a system designed to keep all but the very few students who shine in the earliest of primary school grades in the middle of the pack - virtually forever. It also denies them a tremendous amount of learning as time-honored reading material from which one learns, becomes creative and think critically, and experiences an excitement of the intellect is replaced with informational reading such that in instructional pamphlets. The ability that one gains from doing mathematical problems is denied to the student because the new system has him doing more word-problems and engaging in the initiative-destroying group project. The history of the republic in which the student was born and bred is portrayed merely as a series of events controlled by greedy racists. The Socialist-driven modern Democratic Party is presented as the savior of the People while the political opposition is labeled as reactionary supporters of the uber-rich and hyper-religious zealots. Once the student is tracked into this morass, the only way out (exacting private schools or homeschooling) is to parrot the Party line with such enthusiasm and consistency as to warrant a possible young Obama-type of extrication by the handlers where the fortunate ones will be fed the royal jelly while the rest labor in ignorance for the good of the rest of the hive.  

*I have read the words for these people for years and I can say with certainty that Leftists detest the single-family residence as a concept and generally advocate restricting such homes to those who can pay Carbon Offset-type penalties for the privilege. The rest of us should accept our lot in life and move into apartments. A single-family home promotes the ideas of family, independence, and property - some key essentials of free societies. Typing "Agenda 21" in the search bar on the upper right of this page will bring up several posts on that worldwide Socialist movement to end suburban living completely. One of these posts is also featured on the right-middle side of the page under the "Popular Posts" heading.

-Two recent posts on the Common Core:


In other news, a judge suspended  the prison sentence of a man who raped a girl when she was a minor.

-and yet we are told time and again that mandatory minimum prison sentencing laws are unfair for the criminals and the judges.

Again, the enemy is no longer hiding their war plans. They are bent on destroying us and if we do not act soon to break away from them, they may win.

I would laugh until the cows come home if this judge and his favored rapist are both subjected to street justice. Relatives, close friends of victims, and concerned citizens will not stand for this much longer. Individuals such as these are leaving the People with little or no recourse to the justice for which our forebears, both here and in the old countries, worked so hard to enshrine and protect for us.

"During the sentencing of a man convicted of raping a minor, an Alabama judge at first did what everybody in the courtroom suspected.

Limestone County (Ala.) Judge James Woodroof handed down jail terms of 20 years for forcible rape and 10 years each for two second-degree rape charges to run concurrently for Austin Clem, 25.

Then Woodruff suspended those sentences, CNN reported.

Instead, he gave Clem three community corrections sentences of two years plus three years of supervised probation, to be carried out concurrently, CNN said, adding that Clem must register as a sex offender.

If he follows all the guidelines, Clem will stay out of prison, CNN reported.

“I’m still baffled,” the victim, Courtney Andrews, told CNN, after coming forward publicly to express her anger over Wednesday’s sentencing. “I don’t know how any of this is possible.”...."

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