Saturday, November 17, 2012

Secession - Why the Panic?

I am quite befuddled with the counter-secession arguments being thrown around during the past week-plus.

We have substantial subsets of the American nation that are perfectly fine with our steady move towards Western European Socialism, legislation that is prejudiced towards business, the continuing attacks on any public identification whatsoever with our Judeo-Christian roots, the enslavement of the hitherto compliant (Rightfully so) taxpayer, Courts that smugly ignore the law and seek to subvert society, and politicians who feel as is they have to pander to all sorts of bizarre interest groups, and more. What's worse, these trends appear to have done nothing but picked up speed.

Yet, instead of thinking about what we can do, Conservatives are putting tremendous amounts of energy into denigrating the arguments and intentions of those who call for exploring the possibility of saving a protected and restored American Republic. 

There seems to be what Huntington (Clash of Civilizations) refers to as "the illusion of permanency". We are surrounded by a society that has the outward appearance of a Representative Republic, our lives are (seemingly) unchanged, and we still have some political power. As a result, we are seeing a knee-jerk reaction to any movement that threatens to change things as we know them.

My take is that we are at a crossroads. While we still have the ability to secure a Republic based on American principles, one that has all the advantages of our Constitutional government, and take steps to protect it from being undermined, that ability is fast becoming threatened.

Our courts are no longer a forum to which we can appeal to seek protection but rather are tools to smooth the transition to a Progressive society utterly lacking in any vitality or virtue.

Our primary schools are breeding grounds for anti-Western and American thought.

Most colleges make the Primary schools look good by comparison.

A massive swath of our electorate seems to be locked into "self-destruct at the polls" mode.

Voter fraud by the Left is endemic.

We now have a Chief Executive that not only can choose to ignore any law, but a system of legislators and courts who will timidly refuse to raise a hand in objection.

The Media is in the business of electing Leftists/Progressives; consequently, they will ignore all of the bad and magnify the good (or not-so-bad) of their guys and do the converse for the opposition.

News outlets that try to get the story halfway straight such as Fox are painted as radicals.

The takers (Increasing in number) are willing to vote for increasing the amount of wealth that is taken from others and doled out by the Bureaucrats.

In response to calls for a reformation of the Republic, Conservatives are inexplicably employing the tired old (And plainly false) line about Secession being "settled" by the Civil War, which is kind of like saying that the question of murdering Jewish people was settled solely due to the defeat of the Nazis.

They are trotting out descriptions such as ridiculous, nonsensical, etc.

Here comes the worst of it:

They are citing Constitutional advocates such as James Madison, who in the Federalist correctly described ratification as "unconditional and forever" without thinking for just one moment that those who rightly worked for the adoption of the Constitution would never suggest that, in the event that the government had ceased to be a protector and instead became the oppressor, the States and people would be bound to a document that is not being respected in any way by those in control.

Here is the basic issue that is not being addressed. We are applying correct logic incorrectly.

Of course the Constitution is a permanent obligation for the States. The latter cannot arbitrarily walk away.
No one is saying anything to the contrary. What we are saying is that, to use the words of John Locke (Just as Jefferson did in our Declaration of Independence) we have been the victims of "a long train of abuses".

We are exactly in the same position, albeit worse in our case, that the Founders were in regards to the Crown. Nothing that Parliament dished out without our Representation could compare to the intrusions on our lives, property, and wealth with which we are faced.

None of our laws prohibit us from applying the very same principles as did they when we are faced with a government that summarily and despotically rules over the people rather than governs according to the Law.

The intention of the framers was not to create a system that would bind all generations to a government that had been undermined and turned into a despotism, even a soft one. Every one of them knew that, in the event that the Constitution was no longer being protected, it would be the right and obligation of the people to "alter or abolish it".

Like the Founders, we have tried all means possible (And without any of the barbarism of tarring and feathering) to put an end to this. We have participated in the electoral process, appealed to the Courts, written and read protests to these abuses, and we have been dismissed outright.

If an appreciable amount of the people are insistent about going in the Progressive direction, then we must not begrudge them. Let them have a fair portion of the country to administer as they please.

The need now is for the independence-minded, secessionists, and those who desire to save American principles to find a way to coalesce and form a party with a platform of a legal and safe division of the Republic.

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