Sunday, November 24, 2013

Detroit Goes the Way of Constantinople.

As a result of both the never-ending Islamic conquests and the rapacity of commercial cities of Venice (and to a lesser extent Genoa), the great city founded by Constantine had lost the trade of the East. The vicious sack, theft, and liquidation of her assets that occurred during and after the Fourth Crusade only hastened the process. Even after the restoration of Byzantine rule, the hustle and bustle of business that - along with her immeasurable riches, astounded Medieval Westerners, slowed to a trickle. In her last century, the city was home to slum dwellers and the rich who lived in walled-off homes; the rest of the city had been turned into pasturage and other agricultural practices.

When the great city fell to the Ottomans in 1483, Europe no longer had the buffer state that had protected the West for so long. The Ottoman advance was only halted in the final failed siege of Vienna in 1683 - exactly and only one hundred years before Great Britain recognized the independence of the United States.

We lose our industrial power, and our resulting negative trade balance causes a steady drain of our money and jobs' - and the purchasing of our food production by the Chinese.

The similarities between the declines of both the seat of the Byzantine Empire and The Motor City are only in the actual results. The reason for the steady fall of to the two are quite different.

Unlike Constantinople, Detroit was killed from within, and our enemies are not hammering away at our gates but live among us. Unlike the slow decline of the Great City of the East, Detroit's began when she was still close to the days of her greatest achievements.

True to form, Leftists have ignored the practices and polices of the administrations that gutted a city that exemplified the industrial power of the United States. It is a move right out of their playbook; take steps to wreck the place, then blame the opposition for the failures.

It's not what we did, it's the class struggle and racism.

"Bankrupt and hemorrhaging population, the city of Detroit is banking on greener pastures to lead its rebirth.

A private company is snapping up 150 acres on the Motor City's East End -- property where more than 1,000 homes once formed a gritty neighborhood -- and turning it into what is being billed as the world's largest urban farm. Hantz Woodlands plans to start by planting trees, but hopes to raise crops and even livestock in the future, right in the midst of the once-proud city.

“We are interested with moving into different types of agriculture,” Mike Score, president of Hantz, told

“Your eyes would have a hard time absorbing the blight,” Score said. “A third of every neighborhood in Detroit has been devalued by blight on public property.

Score and local officials believe a well-run farm is the best way to stabilize the area's downward spiral, and help surrounding homes and businesses keep their property values from falling further.

Score says that once the sale is complete, his company will spend the winter clearing 15 acres to plant 15,000 trees during the first phase. They also intend to add orchards further down the line.

Not everyone is a fan of turning such a huge swath of Detroit into a farm. The proposal was met with criticism from local residents and even area agricultural groups. It squeaked by the City Council by a razor-thin margin of 5-4.

“I think there’s concern in this transaction,” said Nevin Cohen, a professor of Environmental Studies at New York's New School who has been monitoring the plan. “The city [Detroit] needs to figure out its blight problem without hurting the members of the community.”

“Replicating a community farm is not as important as addressing issues of race and class concerns -- which underlie Detroit’s problems,” he said....."

The enemies of humanity have no shame, and they will not stop.

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