Saturday, November 30, 2013

Daniel Hannan - Obama is Not The Leader of Free World

For they who are not familiar with British author and politician  Danial Hannan, Wikipedia provides a very good summary of his career, his outlook, and his positions.

This is Mr. Hanna's blog:

Mr. Hannan is one of the precious few European leaders who have spoken out against the gradual yet steady assumption of de facto legislative authority of the European Union and the loss of national sovereignty that follows. As a man who has a great appreciation for the contributions of his nation to Liberty, he has warned Americans (his appreciation for our system is also notable), that we are not only moving in the same direction that has so harmed his nation, but are starting to catch up.

I find that his views on the common bond that all of the daughter-nations of the UK (which of course includes the US) have between themselves and the mother country, is reminiscent of those of Winston Churchill. The latter - probably the greatest statesman ever to come out of the Angloshpere, provided in his History of the English Speaking Peoples virtually air-tight arguments that our common history and culture leave us with little choice but to work together to preserve the Freedoms that were forged in his nation (and so well protected in ours). Churchill could take almost any event or personality in US history and find the origin of the motivations that contributed to that event or mindset in the history of his island.

Recently, Mr. Hannan again made a strong yet quite accurate observation about Barack Obama:

"British Member of European Parliament Daniel Hannan isn’t afraid to say it: Barack Obama is not the leader of the free world.

The conservative lawmaker made the surprising statement in an interview with Blaze Books about his newly released work, “Inventing Freedom: How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World“.
[I just purchased this book] In the book, Hannan makes the case that Anglosphere values and institutions such as individual liberty, religious freedom, representative government and property rights are exceptional and taken together represent a system superior to those of all other cultures.

“I’d have to say that we’re [the U.K.] in worse shape – although we are now pulling back, while you, dear cousins, hurry to overtake us,” he said in response to a question on the state of the U.S. “Frankly, though, neither the U.S. nor the U.K. is an especially good advertisement for Anglosphere values these days. Canadians are doing better than either of us, Australians better yet. Their prime ministers, Stephen Harper and Tony Abbott, are the true leaders of the free world."......."

Since at least the 1960's, textbooks have been written largely or entirely by Leftists. As a consequence of this failure of the People to prevent this, some of the greatest accomplishments of our Western ancestors in the cause of Liberty have been shamelessly marginalized. The expulsion of the Tarquins and the establishment of the Roman Republic, for examplehas since then been rewritten to be merely a move by aristocrats to gain power at the expense of a king and the commoners. The exact same thing has been done over and over with the Magna Carta. Mr. Hannan destroys that weak and patently false interpretation of history in this speech:

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