Saturday, November 9, 2013

Filth-Spewing Animal Activist Rants at Speaking Event

This is another facet of the Left. In addition to racists, fascists or Nazi (both of which are actually Leftist in origin), colonialists, etc, we now have the label "species-ist".

One vicious proponent of reducing humans to the status of animals reminds us of the state to which our society has sunk. While most the audience may not agree with what he says, many will still be sufficiently moved to sign on with the movement to ban all uses of animals for humans. That includes milk, something for which at least three different ethnic groups (Northeast Asians, blacks in certain parts of Africa, and many whites of Europe and Asia) separately developed a hereditary capability to digest thousands of years ago.

People, this is not an isolated event - this and other hyper-radical claims are being spewed all of the time.

"Gary Yourofsky, a self-proclaimed “vegan animal liberation activist,” has made quite a name for himself in the last decade for his radical views.

Most infamously he proclaimed this in a 2006 interview: “Every woman ensconced in fur should endure a rape so vicious that it scars them forever. While every man entrenched in fur should suffer an anal raping so horrific that they become disemboweled.”.........

TheBlaze listened to Yourofsky’s Sociology 101 lecture via Campus Reform in which he accuses meat-eating students of “carnivorous bestiality” and characterizes circuses as “slave ships.” Most interestingly Yourofsky, a Jew, also charges the meat and dairy industries of causing “the world’s largest and longest-running holocaust.”

Here’s some more of what he declared:
“Is bestiality weird to you? Doing sexual things with animals? Because I used to think everybody thought so, but not even close, my meat, cheese, and [inaudible] egg-loving friends, because you engage in carnivorous bestiality on a daily basis.”
You pay somebody else to sexually molest a cow and squeeze their nipples for you? Okay, you guys are f**king obsessed with hen a**es and cow t**s.”
Once a year, every cow on every dairy farm is raped to impregnate her, a long steel device shoved in her vagina.”
“One day after seeing animals backstage at a circus, chained up and caged up, I not only realized that I was witnessing a slave ship, I realized I was a hypocrite, a bigot, a species-ist. Like a racist who believes that their race is more important and more special than all the other races, a species-ist believes that humans are more special and more important than all the animals, and therefore have the right to commodify, enslave, and kill any species they choose.”
“Imagine yourself confined in a concentration camp truck, on your way to a slaughterhouse, so someone could slice your throat and cut you up into pieces; you would understand why the psychotic addictions of meat, cheese, milk and eggs must be abolished...................."

The fact that creeps such as he not only feel safe spewing such filth, let alone have a public forum in which to do so, is another proof that there are two utterly different nations in the US. This also applies to the nations of Western Europe.  

Leftism, in all of its forms, is about nothing but control of others. They will not stop until they control all aspects of your life. It is for this reason - along with the fact that there are now so many of these cancers, that I have often called for a full separation of the US into two systems. Let them have their way, and woe to them if they try to bring their filth our way.

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