Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The New Underground Railroad Frees Sex Slaves

I will refrain from commenting on this post and any attempt to do so will only take away the point that the following article makes. The organization which is the subject of the article (and is also linked here) is in need of donations.


"Glenn Beck began his radio show Tuesday with a startling account of how a longtime friend of his recently took him into a hotel conference room and revealed a secret: he is an agent of the federal government who rescues children from international trafficking rings.

The friend – whose name Beck did not reveal – said that while the government is doing excellent work, it is by no means doing as much as it can — and that is the case under the leadership of both political parties.

With nearly 2 million children trapped in sex slavery, a group of former CIA, FBI, Navy SEALs and Green Berets have joined together to free children from an unimaginable fate in a group calledThe Underground Railroad. And they’re begging you to join the new abolitionist movement.

Beck said his friend spoke about one of his first missions, when a 5-year-old boy and his 10-year-old sister who were kidnapped in America and brought across the border by a “monster.” He said the children were brought to “drug cartel parties in Mexico” where they were “horribly abused” and used as “sex toys.”

The sister told her little brother to remember that he’s a man of God and to pray for miracles: “You just hold on to God.”

“Well, a miracle did happen because my friend was onto this ring,” Beck said. “He was actually at these parties, and when he told me the story — you could see the pain in his eyes. He goes to these different countries and he poses as a rich American that is buying children to bring them back into the United States to sell them into slavery here. And so he was at this party, and he said, ‘I want that one and that one and that one and that one.’ And as soon as the money changed hands, the Navy SEALs drop out of the ceiling and they save the children.”

Beck said the little boy was confused at first, thinking the SEALs were more men to abuse them, but when he understood who they were “the little boy ran to my friend and grabbed onto his neck and (my friend) said, ‘Glenn, he wouldn’t let go.’”

“That was my first mission,” Beck’s friend told him. “There are hundreds of missions like that after.”

“And (my friend) started, just like in ‘Mission Impossible,’ opening up files and throwing pictures down on the table and saying, ‘This one – we know where they are. This one – we know where they are. This one – we know where they are.’ American citizens, missing, and we know where they are.”

Beck said his friend has developed a way to treat not just a symptom of the problem — rescuing the children after they have already been horrifically abused — but the disease itself, before the children are taken, by “knocking these people back into darkness.” And it would be unhindered by the bureaucracy of the federal government, but still completely legal.

“We know how to extract them. This is what we do,” the Operation Underground Railroad websitestates. “We rescue them and place them into safe havens where they can be rehabilitated. Then we go after the bad guys and break their organizations. Help us do this. Help us help the children.”..........

“Operation Underground Railroad will show you exactly how they are going to rescue these children and what it will take, but (they) need your tax-free dollars,” Beck said. “If you are looking for something that is important that you believe you can help, would you please, a dollar, or anything you can, or at least just spread the word. Go to OperationUndergroundRailroad.org and let’s change the world for good.”

This is the link to the organization of noble people.

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