Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wayne Allen-Root - Obama Worked Overtime to Steal 2012 Election

His moves were not without a purpose. Knowing that the massive cancellations of private insurance policies would likely have been sufficient cause for a major backlash against him at the polls, Obama extra-legally (a common euphemism for most anything that he does) delayed the implementation of key provisions of Obamacare to ensure that the People would remain fat, dumb, and happy until the bubble burst - after the election, of course.

-and that was just one example of his pre-election moves.

".......In October of 2012, just before the election, we heard miraculous unemployment reports that made it sound like the economy was turning around. Hundreds of thousands of jobs were supposedly created. Happy days were here again. “Bravo Obama,” said the adoring mainstream media. It was the biggest one month jobs increase ever.

Surprise, surprise, guess who was right? It turns out government employees faked the jobs reports to re-elect Obama. They wanted the man who protects their bloated salaries, obscene pensions, and corrupt unions, to be re-elected. They would stop at nothing to keep the gravy train rolling, so they made up reports about job increases out of thin air.

The entire election was pure fraud. Based on fantasy. Americans walked into the voting booths hearing fresh news that indicated the economy was improving and jobs were dramatically increasing. It was all fake. The numbers were made up out of thin air by pro-Obama government employees. The voters of America made their final decisions based on pure fraud......................

Even before the election Obama knew that tens of millions of Americans would lose their health insurance. Yet he knowingly committed fraud by personally lying to the American people. Not once, but repeatedly. He didn’t just tell intentional lies to pass Obamacare, he told those same lies during his re-election campaign to deceive the American voters and get reelected.

Did Obama commit intentional fraud? Without a doubt. His own administration internal estimates were that MOST Americans covered by employer plans would lose their insurance. Obama’s own projections show that 80 percent of small businesses were doomed to lose their insurance.

But even that wasn’t enough. Still worried about his re-election chances, Obama ordered the IRS to distract, intimidate, persecute and destroy his political opposition- Tea Parties and conservative critics like me. Rather than spending time and money on stopping Obama, many conservatives were forced to waste our time, energy and money fighting IRS attacks......

The IRS attack directed by Obama effectively neutered the energy and passion of the Tea Parties, conservative fundraisers, and critics that only two years before had produced the biggest landslide since 1936. With the IRS running roughshod over Tea Parties, the energy was gone, and Obama was re-elected. Pure election fraud.

You question whether Obama ordered the IRS attacks? Well, during this exact period of IRS persecution, the head of the IRS visited the White House more than any other person. The head of the IRS employees union visited Obama the night before the IRS attacks began................
But it gets worse. The voting ballots of our military troops were suppressed. And, why do you thinkDemocrats fight so hard against voter identification?

We’ll never know how many Obama supporters voted illegally, or multiple times. We’ll never know how 59 inner city voting districts in Philadelphia wound up with 30,000 to -0- vote totals in favor of Obama. Or, similar totals in multiple districts around the country, including all-important Ohio. We’ll never know theaffect of voter intimidation by Black Panthers at Philadelphia polling places, or Democrat judges ordering GOP poll watchers out for several hours at Philadelphia polling places..................."

There is of course more in the article
I agree with the claims of the writer, but I think that it is important to note that, even if Obama had not taken the measures that he did and consequently lost the election last year, he still would have come very close to winning. Therein lies the real problem. 

The problem is not Obama, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wassermann-Schultz, nor any other particular individual. These types would never be where they are if much of the American electorate were not already shot to pieces.

Think about the movie King Ralph, which begins with the entire British royal family setting up for a family photo. An accident with the electrical equipment causes the death of every one of them. The search for a potential surviving heir/claimant brings them to a lounge singer, played by John Goodman, in Las Vegas.

Now take that comedic scenario and apply it to the US. If each and every major Leftist politician, academician, journalist, etc, in the nation were all gathered in one location, and a large meteor landed in the midst of them, what would have been accomplished?

Very little, if anything.

We look at these people and tell ourselves that they are the problem, but they are nothing more than the societal equivalent of the pustules on one's body that result from a case of Chicken Pox. The pustules cause a terrible itch and discomfort, as well as posing a danger of infection if they are scratched, but they are not the problem.

The problem is that the body is being ravaged by a virus, one that not only his the ability to cause terrible symptoms, but also will go dormant until if can break out later in life, manifesting itself in a case of Shingles. It never leaves the body.

That is where we are.Vast swaths of our nation have been turned into viruses that will do their business until the host is eventually destroyed. These people will continue voting for candidates who will enslave them and everyone else who does not evade their grasp.

We can complain all we want and fight every fire that breaks out - be it a new Leftist program, another rabid atheist getting a Christmas display banned, an new attack on women that would require (rather than merely allowing third -grade girls to purchase these) that they have on hand abortifacients , or we can admit to ourselves that we need to effect a divorce from the other half of the nation and let them run their side(s) into the ground.

Until the People realize this, they should by all means continue the fight, but they must be willing to leave open - for serious discussion, the eventual need to work for a political recognition of the reality that already exists.

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