Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tahir Square Sex Crime Victim Defaces Pro-Israel Signs

I have little time to type tonight, so please use the Jihad Watch link to get the story.

In short, the NYC Metro subway authority had only allowed the pro-Israel advertisements after being forced to do so. They had originally allowed only anti-Israel signage to be displayed.

A woman who has terribly victimized in the Egyptian protests in Tahir square has apparently come full circle and is applying Leftist thuggery to suppress free expression.

Two things comes to mind when I read about these types of events.

The first is that the Left will do whatever they can, even if it is patently illegal, to stop those with opposing views from expressing themselves.

The second is that Leftists are far more likely to come out in favor or show a bizarre sympathy for the most vicious of people. In this particular case, the victim has made herself the defender of the coreligionists of those who assaulted her - Stockholm Syndrome in action.

For those who are not up on the settlement issues with Israel and the West Bank, the below post will provided several very good links.

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