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Thatcher Hated by Left Because She Proved Them Wrong
The rule of the mob (Or the mob that was used as a screen by organized terror groups) in Libya and Yemen has been all over the news, so I will avoid treating this subject other than to say that Hillary Clinton made sure that she condemned the Mohammed film that may or may not have been the trigger. Clinton has been involved with Muslim groups who seek to pressure the US into adopting hate speech legislation for some time now. As noted in yesterday's post, the Muslim world has every intention of bringing the US into the "can't say bad (Almost always true) things about Mohammed or Islam" orbit to which much of Western Europe has already acquiesced.
[9/15/12 - I forgot to tip my hat to Gates of Vienna. It was from there that I picked up the Daily Mail article]

In the top-linked post, UK politicain Daniel Hannan, who several months back sternly warned the US that we are fast approaching the moribund state of Socialism that has gripped Western Europe for a long time.

He cites the recent gloating among Leftists at the prospect of a passing of an old and sick Margaret Thatcher. This Prime Minister took over the UK at a time when the heavily subsidized industries of her nation were about to collapse. Her reforms are compared by some to those of Ronald Reagan, her American counterpart and friend. Both are excoriated by the left today - Reagan mostly through - word of mouth among Leftists in the US, and Thacher not only through the same venue but by the school system.

In the case of Thatcher, they just can't wait for the Iron Lady to die.

I hold that Western Civilization will eventually triumph despite the intensive and relentless efforts of the Left. If I am proven to be correct, Thatcher's name will live on as an example of imperishable fame (I think that the Greek is Chlaos). Those who join in on the demagoguery-driven mob of Leftism will be remembered as nothing more than how we think of the gullible and easily-bribed and persuaded Roman and Athenian mobs and even those who were incited by their superiors to howl for the execution of a First Century Jewish teacher.

The Left suffers from a terrible and permanent state of envy. Their polices have been utter failures in every nation in which they were implemented. This has not stopped them from continuing to advocate for their preferred system. What is even more disturbing, the hatred that they feel for those who, more than opposing them, prove them wrong by their success. Neither Thacther's nor Reagan's name cannot be uttered by them without a tone that conveys the act of spitting the word.

I am reminded of the hatred that the late Christopher Hitchens professed to have for Mother Theresa. He made his hatred for her work very clear and did not shrink from using that actual word when her spoke of her. He would lambaste her for the decisions that she made to use the funds that were given to her organization. Like some Hindu radicals, many who like Hitchens were content leaving the destitute as they were, would resort instead to attacking Mother Theresa for building new convents to house the swarms of nuns who joined her order to help the poor. It meant nothing to those who would sit on their hands while people starved - they just wanted to find fault with someone who helped those that they would not.

The same mindset applies to the Left - they would rather have industrial workers content for today - this while the very levels of wages and benefits they (Labor) now command will essentially guarantee that their children will not have a job. The rest of the world will understandably undercut the West on labor costs. The Left has convinced too many workers that they are in it for them, while at the same time they ensure that Western industry will dance on the brink of collapse.

Envy is more than just jealousy, it can also mean the pure anger and hatred for someone who has accomplished something that you, those you support, or your favorite system never could. Pride is often a basic component of this mindset. If you have spent years advocating a non-workable system, and someone else proves that it can be done better as long as your plans are ditched, one's hubris or superbia can easily persuade you to ignore the facts and feel hatred for those who are successful.

It is a perfect storm of narcissists who also have an inferiority complex.

Conservative commentator Sean Hannity is very much a regular guy. He is a straight-shooter, has worked hard all of his life, and to my knowledge has never hurt a single soul, yet I have met many a Liberal who will readily state "I hate Sean Hannity". My response is that the hatred is simply a response to the fact that Sean is correct. It is not Sean that they hate, it is the awareness that their system does not succeed as well as his that eats away at them. Refusing to come to grips with this, they resort to hate.

When you read the excerpts below or the full post linked at the top, try to imagine how much hate these people would actually feel if only they sit down and compare Thatcher's system versus that of Labor's (The British Left). I hold that they would feel no hate at all and that what they now affect to be their target of hatred is just a scapegoat for their inner indictment of their own beliefs.

Bolding is added.

"On sale at the TUC Conference, before a storm of protest forced their withdrawal, were T-shirts glorying in the eventual death of Margaret Thatcher.

‘A generation of trade unionists will dance on Thatcher’s grave,’ says one, emblazoned with the image of her tombstone.Another is wrapped in a bag printed with the words: ‘In the event of Thatcher’s death, open bag and wear T-shirt immediately.’ The T-shirt has a picture of the former prime minister’s Spitting Image puppet, with the slogan: ‘Hey ho the witch is dead.’

Unbelievably, the ‘unemployed’ workers who produced them are taxpayer-funded.Stop and think for a moment about what these T-shirts are celebrating.

Lady Thatcher is a frail and elderly grandmother. Yes, she was a strong-willed, divisive politician — and thank heaven she was.
A more conciliatory figure would almost certainly not have made the changes necessary to rescue Britain from the mess we were in by the late Seventies.
But what does it say about someone’s mindset that they slide so easily from disagreeing with Lady Thatcher’s politics to gloating over the idea of her death?

It’s not just one T-shirt seller at the TUC. You get the same sentiment on Twitter, internet comment threads, even on BBC comedy programmes.

To a generation too young to remember the Thatcher governments — let alone the calamity that had preceded them — she is less a living, breathing woman than a symbol of evil, somewhere between Lady Macbeth and Cruella de Vil.

So hostile to Thatcherism is the cultural climate, so preponderant the Billy Elliot view of the time (with the musical’s line ‘Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher/We all celebrate today/Cos it’s one day closer to your death’), that young people must wonder how the lady won a single vote, let alone three general elections.

When I speak to sixth-formers [I assume that these are sixth-graders in the US, which means that twelve year-olds are being indoctrinated to despise those who do the the right thing] in my constituency — teenagers born long after she had left office — they often tell me, with breezy certainty, that the Eighties were years of unmitigated greed punctuated only by corruption.

When I ask them how, then, they explain the results of the ballot box that saw Thatcher re-elected twice, they look uncomfortable and declare there must have been lots of nasty people in Britain.

I am just old enough to remember the end of the Seventies: power cuts, three-day weeks, constant strikes, price and income controls, inflation.

Worst of all, I remember the sense of despair, the conviction that Britain was finished.

I don’t believe you can grasp Margaret Thatcher’s achievement without the context of what she displaced.

Throughout the Sixties and Seventies, this country had been outperformed by every European economy. ‘Britain is a tragedy — it has sunk to borrowing, begging, stealing until North Sea oil comes in,’ said Henry Kissinger. *

*Note that I have no respect for Henry Kissinger. This man has been a longtime supporter of the elimination of national sovereignty and the institution of one world government. It was he who stated that, one day, Americans would be relieved to have foreign troops on US soil.

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