Sunday, September 30, 2012

Buddhist Temples Torched in Bangladesh

Hat tip to The Blaze.

To make an historical comparison, I have to think that in the last three or four years Muslims have destroyed more non-Muslims houses of worship than early Christians ever did in all their years when they turned on Greco-Roman temples or Germanic and Celtic oak-groves in northern Europe.

Not to justify the acts of early Christians, but at least part of their frustration had been due to the periodic persecutions that they had suffered.

The trigger for the destruction of at least 10 Buddhist temples, with two of which dating back 300 years?

It was a  photo of a burned Koran that had been posted on Facebook.

Although I have often criticized the Koran, Mohammed  and Islam, I am personally against destroying Korans or making major public pronouncements in a manner that is likely to result in people being attacked or houses of worship being targeted. I know that I am mincing words, but I try to walk the fine line of getting the facts out while doing my best to avoid acting in a manner that may result in someone or something being destroyed by proxy for what I did.

That is why I tore Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones apart:

The main point of the above posted link is that Jones, if he really was a man and wanted to make a splash for burning a Koran, should have traveled to a Muslim-majority country for his act and taken his lumps there. Instead, he did it while safely ensconced in the US with, for example, some Coptic girl in Egypt getting gang-raped for what he did.

What we do need to ensure is that the US does not move to pass hate speech laws, which will prohibit us from saying anything derogatory about Islam. Such laws the goal of those who destroy and attack. They are like abusive spouses who terrorize their partner and blame the victim for making them act that way.

Again, there is no such thing as incitement unless one walks up to a Mosque or a Muslim guy's home and tells him what Mohammed was. If one does so and gets punched in the nose, then that is his problem and he can pursue legal measures. No act can "incite" someone to harm an innocent or an uninvolved non-Muslim house of worship. Any claim to the contrary is a lie.

These acts of terror by supposedly insulted Muslim are those of base cowards.

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