Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Sickness of the West - Part 7 of "The Bee and the Lamb"

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.


Takuan Seiyo is a contributing writer for Gates of Vienna. Linked at top is Part 7 of his The Bee and the Lamb" series of posts. 

Seiyo is a tremendously gifted, knowledgeable and inspired writer. His series concerns Western Civilization  and the internal and external threats to it. He dissects the sick and envious motivations of the Left and leaves the carcass exposed. 

Of note is his call for a renaissance of sorts in which the people of Western Europe and the daughter nations return to the virtues and industry of those who preceded them. 

The entire series should be read by anyone who has suspected that there is something clearly wrong with the West but cannot put his finger on it. Seiyo's genius is to link so many personalities, movements, and events from the past, present, and future together. In doing so, he is able to allow the reader to see the big picture; no mean feat when Western Culture id being assailed from every angle.

At the bottom of the post are links to the rest of Seiyo's pots, including Parts 1-6 of The Bee and the Lamb.

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