Monday, September 24, 2012

British Girls Raped - Cops Knew for Years and Did Nothing

As the ethnic British victims were raped by Muslim men, they and the rest of the British people were being raped by their own system.

The post (At top) from Gates of Vienna was written by Paul Weston. It exposes the extent to which the Police and other persons responsible for protecting children went , not to protect the girls, but to protect the Leftist-inspired Multicultural system.

The accounts are beyond comprehension even for someone who has been aware of the ongoing rape-fest of indigenous European girls and women. In several cases, the victims were charged with offenses such as disorderly conduct while the animals who abused them were not even questioned. In one instance, the father of one of the victims, unable to retrieve his daughter from a house where she was being held by the animals, was himself charged with racial  harassment. Keeping in accordance with the Leftist Multicultural concept of avoiding anything that will annoy Muslims, the cops also charged the victim with the same charge.

When you think of a father that was unable to get inside a house to remove his daughter or even have the criminals bring her out, one wonders exactly what spark will ignite the powder keg. The Danish Civil War post, linked below, illustrates in a fictional future how just one step too far at the wrong (Or right) time can cause a people to rise up and defend themsleves and their nation. This is like the rape of Lucretia that lead to the revolt of the Romans against the Etruscan Kings.

The story takes a while to get started, but the reader will see just how one single event can lead to big changes in the attitudes of a frustrated people.

For the Leftist, all Western Europeans are by descent guilty of crimes of colonialism, etc, so therefore we must turn a blind eye to all acts of violence that are committed against them. The Left also gets to destroy the sense of dignity and self-worth of all of these pesky Western Eurpeoans whose individualism prevents the Left from establishing their Marxist Utopia. To reach that end, a few hundred Bristsh girls will have to be horribly victimized. They are just collateral damage as the goal of a Marxist Britain and World is too good to pass up.

The most obvious consequence of the failure of the cops to charge the animals and removed them from society is that, not only the victims about which they knew, but also countless others continued to be victimized.

I will be straight - the cops responsible cannot plead that they needed to protect their jobs, promotions, and pensions  They had to become whistleblowers to bring these policies to light and they failed to do so.

Any cop that failed to do his job should fall on his sword.

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