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Jewish Students Get Eviction Notices - Jew Hatred by Palestinians and the Left

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"More than 200 Jewish students at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL found “eviction” notices posted on their dormitory doors Friday, unaware that it was part of a publicity stunt by Students for Justice in Palestine.

The organization’s chapter president, Noor Fawzy, explained, “We want to raise awareness about the plight of the Palestinians…The intent is to expose Israel‘s illegal policies and give students a feel of what it’s like to live under occupation."

.... Only in America.

Well, maybe in Western European nations also. I would have to rank the official positions of Norway and Sweden as being more anti-Israeli than that is the US. The Left has skillfully turned a large portion of public opinion, especially that of college-age youth, squarely against Israel. 

As I have noted in previous posts, stunts such as these, in which individuals affect to be under the impression that Israel is to be viewed as the aggressor in their conflicts with Palestinian Arabs, can only happen with a straight face in a climate in which all knowledge of history has been excised.

As a kid who grew up in the 70's and early 80's, I had become convinced through those years that anti-Israel positions were going to be restricted to the liberal elite and the masses who were fed cooked opinions and articles by the The New York Post (Which was about a thirty-second of an inch from Pravda at the time), The New York Daily News, and The New York Times. I had to argue with my father( Not one of the Liberal elite but among those fed by Leftist propaganda-although he was far from a Marxist himself). You might say that he was one of the earlier victims of Cultural (As opposed to Economic) Marxism of Antonio Gramcsi and George Lukacs.  This brainwashing was apparent on positions of his such as that of Israel's movement into southern Lebanon (Began 1982) to dislodge the PLO from their positions from which they habitually launched rocket and other attacks into Israeli territory. Simply put, the man was shot out* - he had been so indoctrinated with lurid tales/opinions of Israeli aggression, and not only kept ignorant of Palestine atrocities, but he also knew absolutely nothing about the plight of Christians in the Middle East, especially those of Lebanon. Indeed, when Beshir Gemyamel became Lebanon's President, it was billed in the US media as some sort of seizure of power by a corrupt minority. What was left out was the factor of Syrian occupation and their support in material and money of Lebanese Muslim and Druze militants, who took their anger out on the Christian of Lebanon as well as on Israelis. My father, in his sing-song Neapolitan-influenced style of operatic argumentation, coupled with a Brooklyn accent,  would commence to complain about Israel's "invasion" and continually interrupt my explanations, which in reality he simply did not want to hear. Each point of mine would result in one tiny phrase in the middle of my statement being seized upon and sung out in manner that was intended to both discredit and dismiss it outright at the same time.

* "Shot out" can also refer to being very tired or run down, utterly confused, or the condition that could be brought on by years of, say, heavy drinking. In my father's case, it is meant to indicate that his mind had been so thoroughly affected by years of propaganda that he was one of the few who were honestly unable get the facts straight.

For example, if I wanted to describe the constant attacks launched across the Lebanese border into Israel, and I wanted to carefully and tactfully (Recall this is at the dinner table with a very old-fashioned Italian father) lay out the scenario, I would intend to utilize more neutral terms in the beginning of the statements and gradually go into detail as I moved on. Well, I never got to the details- as I started out with the (Sort of gross underestimate but I was trying to be respectful) statement that there been continual  "border fighting" going on there, my father would jump all over that one phrase and begin waving his hands in the air, singing about how "Boooordah Foightin' " did not matter, thereby leaving me with no option but to ignore the details talk more loudly than he and, over his objections, and state that "there is a war going on there, and up until now Israel was not even fighting back".

As far as the demolitions themselves go, I would prefer to refrain from arguing the point as doing so tends to lend more credibility to the US Pro-Palestinian lobby than is deserved. Theirs is a position steeped in truths without even marginally fair coverage of the whole picture, half-truths deliberately employed to mislead, and outright lies. Needless to say, by all fair estimates, the Palestinian Authority appears to be playing a game:
"Even Palestinian officials contradict Halper's claims, and admit that Palestinians can build, both with and without permits. For example, Khalil Tufakji, the leading Palestinian building and demography expert, and obviously no friend of Israel, stated on CNN 
[Italics mine]that:

We can build inside Jerusalem, legal
[sic], illegal[sic] -- rebuild a house, whatever, we can do. Maybe we lose ten houses, but in the end we build 40 more houses in East Jerusalem. (CNN, Sept. 19, 1998)"

The rules of the game seem to be simple. They just keep building houses with or without permission. Many will be razed, some will not.

We are force-fed news accounts of poor Palestinians who are losing their homes to the demolition under IDF orders. The facts of the matter, with evidence in the links below provide us with a quite different picture:

The courts in Israel do not rubber-stamp authorizations for demolitions; in fact many applications are denied.
Cases in which families claimed to have owned the property turn out to be false; i.e. the home was on public land.
Palestinians, contrary to what we have heard, do not face any more restrictions on getting approval for building than do Jews. (What do they think - the entire region is an archaeological dig site!)
The PA issues building permits for the West Bank
One "village" that was razed was a bunch of tent-like structure used temporarily by shepherds that was on an Impact Area! (Restricted area into which military munitions are shot)
A photo of a pile of rubble was presented as that of a former Orthodox Church. On the top stood an old Orthodox Priest standing next to an Icon of Christ. The icon somehow seems to not only have survived unscathed, it wound up neatly on top of the pile. I don't know when this supposed Church was built, but most Churches in that region a fairly old. This building clearly was built with steel/iron rebar in the concrete. Rebar has been used in such application since the mid19th century.

You get the idea. Read the articles on the links for more.

Suffice to say for now that the situation in the region is highly complex.
It involves substantial security threats. ( Suicide attacks have dwindled down to almost zero by the infamous wall). As a result of the importance and proliferation of rocket-type weapons, Israel needs to renegotiate the land borders. This means offering certain current Israeli lands bordering the West Bank for land that will be added to the tiny 11 mile-wide central part of the nation, which is incredibly vulnerable to conventional and  rocket attacks. Of course we must not forget Jewish and Palestinian illegal/unapproved building projects, both of which have resulted in wrecking crews showing up. Oh, by the way, this is not the first time that college students have been served with eviction notices, intended to demonize Israel, by their peers:

This article did not specify if the recipients of the notices in the above case were Jewish.

The one-sided vitriol of the Left leaves me with one possible conclusion; we are living in a world in which Jew-Hatred is fast becoming the norm. I can't think of one instance in which Jewish students have accosted Muslim students concerning suicide bombings, rocket attacks, kidnappings, rampaging bulldozer attacks, or any other instance of violence that at times is a normal part of life for a Jewish person in Israel.

The Left hates Israel, and this hatred burns deeply. They, in their cause to eliminate the sovereignty of all free nations, have a real problem with a nation that was itself founded to be a home for a clearly identifiable people.

With very few exceptions, the Arab and rest of the Muslim world have never given the Jewish people a chance. Even when the supposed war-monger Ariel Sharon forcefully removed Jewish citizens of his own nation from the Gaza strip and handed it back to the Palestinians on a platter, the first thing that resulted were rocket attacks in abundance. Tunnels to ferry fighters and material, and to kidnap Israeli soldiers, followed on shortly. Expecting these things to happen, I personally felt that Sharon's move would be a diplomatic check-mate. Israel could point to the results and say, "See, this is what happens when we compromise with them". I don't know why they have not made this argument. Perhaps it is because the Israeli leadership knows that doing so will fall on deaf ears.

Jew-hatred seems to come at us from all angles. Even many who stand against the Marxist threat to the Western world have deluded themselves in to believing that there is a Zionist conspiracy to destroy or take over the world. People, those who want to destroy or take over the world also want to destroy and/or take over Israel and either again disperse or kill off the world's Jewry.

Those who are against the banking/socialist conspiracy cannot bring themselves to admit the fact that the Rothschild's, even though they (Many years ago) lent support to a Jewish homeland, would never support what Israel, being a sovereign and free nation, stands for today. If the banking/socialist conspiracy exists, and I am not saying that it does not, sovereign nation-states are not part of their equation. Many of the founders of the Israeli State were Socialists or at least Left-of-center. Perhaps the worldwide Left thought that they would be able easily persuade those who ran the new nation to eventually drop the whole sovereignty idea. It seems that this was one part of their plan that did not turn out how they wanted.

Either way, not only is it clear that the Jews are not out to enslave the world, but those who are out to enslave the world are targeting the Jews as well as you. Those of the Western World who have labored under the delusion that the Jews are out to get them need to squash that idea now. I will add this, you don't have to support Israel as much as do I ( I have supported Israel since I was a kid). What you do have to do, if you value your freedom, is to support Israel's right to exist and her consequent right to defend herself and create a secure climate for her people. If you fail to do so, you will be playing right into the hands of the Left. 

Israel is a linchpin for the concept of the sovereign nation-state. If Israel loses her sovereignty, more nations will follow.

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