Sunday, September 16, 2012

Norwegian Cop on "Innocence of Muslims" Film
Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

When I watched this video, one phrase came to mind.

"Oh calm, dishonorable, vile, submission."

Those words, spoken by Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet, sum up the groveling for which we in the West have jostled each other to be the first or the most profusely apologetic whenever Muslims commit acts of violence in response to insults, be they real or perceived.

Mercutio, unaware that his cousin was already married to Juliet and therefore now related to Tybalt (Also unaware of the nuptials), uttered this phrase after witnessing Romeo speaking kindly to Tybalt, who has been insulting him. The doomed newlyweds had not made their families aware of the marriage. Thinking that Romeo was acting cowardly towards Tybalt, Mercutio is disgusted with Romeo's responses to Tybalt's insults such as "Though art a villein". 

"What are you doing Romeo? You are making us look like a family of cowards!"

In the video in the link at top, a Norwegian police official sees fit to appear before a group of Muslim men and make it clear that he and his colleagues "reject" the film "Innocence of Muslims. I did not see anything in the translation that looked like and actual apology, but the point is the same - someone aggravates Muslims, and others have to step forward to placate them to prevent bloodshed and destruction of property.

The situation has become ridiculous. The Islamic mindset sees such acts not as conciliatory but as signs of weakness. The idea is that, by making it clear that they will kill people for saying things about their religion or prophet that they do not like, they can force others into silence or to be supplicants who beg for mercy. By doing so, they are effectively the conquering party.

In ancient Greece, it was understood that the side that requested a truce after the battle to recover the bodies of the slain was admitting to be the losing party. The winning side held the battlefield, so it was their decision to allow or deny the collection of the dead.

Every instance of apologies, disassociating from anti-Islamic drawings/movies/writings, or rejections of those acts brings us closer to a worldwide prohibition of any offensive speech. None of this endears us to the House of Islam. To the contrary, it emboldens them. They will still be able to denounce Christianity and Judaism, while we will face civil or criminal penalties for such actions - all this because we are afraid of their reactions.

 I am not a Muslim, therefore their is no reason why I or any other non-Muslims cannot say or write anything derogatory about Mohammed or Islam. If the US adopts any legislation that prohibits such free speech or allows civil lawsuits due to such speech, there is no limit to what else can be prohibited.

I fear for the Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians who live in Muslim-majority countries and have to suffer the consequences of Islamic tolerance as a result of the film. If Russia* does not step in to protect these people, then she and/or other majority-Christian nations (Orthodox in particular come to mind) need to help evacuate them and give them new homes. It will be immeasurably better and appropriate to do so than to import hordes of Muslims into the same countries, where they will expect more apologies and proskenesis. It would be a sort of reverse of the uplift of the Ethiopian Jews; instead of bringing Jews back to their homelands, the minorities will be removed from their homelands.

Then we can close all of our embassies and other diplomatic offices in Muslim-majority nations. Let them go bananas among themselves.

-On my call for Russia to take the lead in protecting Christians and others in the Near/Middle East.

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  1. We also need a genuine containment policy. Put a naval blockade around these countries, block the main ground exit routes, and disable the airports. It would not be difficult to do, given the geography of the Middle East.

    However, also given that Obama is reducing our navy to pre WWI levels and the army to pre WWI levels, this WILL be difficult.

    Would it prevent terrorists from escaping? Maybe but it will be a whole lot harder for them to do so. We would also need to seal our borders to prevent the escapees from entering the US.

    This might piss off the Europeans. So what?