Saturday, September 15, 2012

Video of 1529 Ottoman Siege of Vienna

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna.

On previous posts, I have mentioned the 1683 siege of Vienna by the Ottomans as an example of how close the Islamic threat to Central Europe is to our own time period - it was exactly one hundred years before the United States was officially recognized as a sovereign nation by Great Britain.

The video on the Gates of Vienna link is short but quite good. In our era of bad-mouthing everything and anything about the Western World and the (False) depiction of Islam as tolerant, open-minded, and peace-loving, it is a pleasant surprise to find a work that gives us the real picture.

I found it to be inspirational. The bravery and resolute actions of the citizens and soldiers who defended the city against Suleiman the Magnificent (That's what they call him) are worthy of emulation.

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