Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vote Obama Pledge Required by Professor



For all I know at this point, this could be a hoax.

We are aware of the tremendous pressure that is all too often put on students to walk the chalk line of Leftist doctrine. We have also heard and read reports of professors who jump through flaming hoops in order to belittle students who do not support the Party with a sufficient degree of loyalty or motivation. To obtain even passing grades in classes, let alone A's or high B's, many a student has had to practice discretion as opposed to valor just to make sure that he or she did not waste a semester's worth of time and money. The student sometimes has no choice but to affect to hold positions that are in line with those of their judges. It is the professors who have the ability and power to, if not wreck someone's chances at a chosen career, at least delay it for some time.

We have come to, if not accept this travesty, at least be unsurprised by such doctrinal bullying in larger universities. This event, however is reported to have occurred in a community college.

I don't think poorly of County/community colleges. In fact, I have my Associates in Criminal Justice from such an institution. They are great places for a young person who is not sure what field to study, desires to save some money, and wants to be able to commute from home while still holding a job. Many adults take advantage of the night classes. Having young children at the time, night classes at a college close to home  made it possible for me to obtain my degree.

The march through the institutions has been one of the major successes of the Left. Colleges that teach actual history and are committed to the education, rather than the indoctrination, of the student are becoming a small minority.

When a person signs a pledge, he or she is giving his word. That may not mean nearly as much as it once did, but it still has to have some effect on a student's sense of dignity. To require that someone pledge to do something that may be against his or her principles is an awful thing to do. When the particular act that the pledge requires involves taking part in the wrecking of a nation and its prosperity, the wrong is even greater.

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