Saturday, September 22, 2012

Father Pontifex on Gay Haters and Those Who Extol Sexual Culture

Hat tip to The Blaze.

Father Claude Burns goes by the name Father Pontifex in his rap videos that are strikingly concise, accurate in thought, and so far are yet to be refuted by any prospective opponents.

His two most known videos* concern the both claims by Christian Fundamentalists that their particular version of Christianity is not a religion and the just as bizarre belief by Atheists that their denial of the existence of God is based on the intellect.

In his most recent video, which can be accessed on both links at top, Father Pontifex slams the extreme and tragic views of the opposing ends of the gay lifestyle debate. He rightly begins with the rebuking of vicious Churches and their members who treat homosexuals as people who are hated by God. He clearly notes that the positions of these people are not in keeping with Christian thought and takes them to task for failing to reach out in a Christian manner to those who need God. Following that, he correctly assails the sexualized culture, one that is so pervasive today, in which people are under the impression that any sexual behavior can be not only practiced without check but indeed should be the identifying factor for a person.

The video is quite powerful. I for one detest those who so horribly treat they who are victimized by our culture of sex without limits. God is against all sin, and none of us are without sin. We must not fail to be aware of that fact when we address cases of immorality.

*The videos that refute the "Christianity is not a religion" position and the claims of Atheists can be accessed on the below link.

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