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Dark Clouds of Trouble With Iran

Hat tip to New Jersey Patriot and Gates of Vienna.

For several months, New Jersey Patriot has been warning of a possible pre-election action by the Obama administration with Iran. I stand on the side that holds that Iran should in no way be allowed to posses nukes, but the timing of all that appears to be coming to a head is too close to be coincidental.

The US has dragged its feet in dealing with Iran's nuke program. Israel has been understandably concerned as they will be the target of Iran's first strike. Netanyahu has come right out and said that, if Israel feels that the threat is imminent, they will take action in order to at least delay Iran's program for a few more years.

The Obama administration seems to have deliberately put off any real response to Iran's moves until the 60 days before the election. I have a hard time believing that this was not purposely done. Doing little or nothing until now leaves a "hip pocket" move that would be available in the event that Romney pulls ahead with a strong lead with precious few weeks to go. A major strike against Iran would have to provide at least 3-4 points in the polls.

As noted in the Sun News Network video (In the Gates of Vienna link), Britain had closed her embassy in Tehran after it was attacked. Now Canada has followed suit by withdrawing her diplomats and sending Iran's diplomats packing.

I was born after the Cuban Missile Crisis. I cannot recall any point in my lifetime that the likelihood of a nuclear attack by any nation, even a preemptive one by the US or Israel, was this high. The US and the USSR were all-too-aware of the hopelessness of launching missiles at each other.

Israel does not have the option that we had. If she fails to protect herself from Ahmadinejad and his goons, she will either fall victim to the first nuclear strike since Nagasaki or be paralyzed by the threat of Iran's nukes and consequently have to stick to fighting a conventional war against a new pan-Islamic coalition (Even a temporary one). Israel will not play the sheep and ignore the wolf staring at the flock from atop the ridge.

Even barring an act of Obamian desperation, we could easily be pulled into an all-out Near and Middle Eastern war.

-From New Jersey Patriot (With a quoted post from Trevour Loudon's New Zeal Blogsite:

"The symptoms are there. Not mentioned by Terresa, but also important:

The prices of gold and silver have taken off.

Increased cooperation between Hamas and Hesballah.

Instability in Sinai

Al Qaeda infiltration of Syrian dissidents.

Possibility of Hesballah use of Syrian gas against Israel.

Watch for a trigger…possibly a Gulf of Tonkin incident sparked by the US. This will force the issue with Israel and allow the US to save the world economy by keeping the Strait of Hormuz open. Israel will be on its own against the Iranian, Hesballah, Hamas, Egyptian armies.

The US scaling back military exercises with Israel.

The US announcement of military exercises with Egypt, along with $1 billion of aid.

I don’t think that Iran has the capability of launching an EMP attack. They still need to explode a nuke at about an 25 mile altitude. This would be tough from a cargo ship…the issue is having the missile, warhead, and nuclear bomb capability. On the other hand, there is a clear risk for which Obama is totally unprepared.

This is scary stuff folks. Don’t take it lightly. Be prepared."

-Quoted from New Zeal:
"The Mosaic of War

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By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

My all-time favorite author is Dean Koontz. He has a way of telling a story that is absolutely riveting, humorous and horrifying at the same time. There’s a story here somewhere for Dean – I can sense evil from The Corner of My Eye. And it is fast approaching like a malevolent storm intent on sweeping mankind away with sinister glee bubbling up from its chaotic depths. The story line is unfolding with good and evil lines drawn and the players taking sides with no guarantee of the outcome, but plenty of ensured carnage. Let’s set the stage, shall we?

One of the first things that happens before full-blown war breaks out typically is that embassies are closed and diplomats are recalled or expelled. It is a precursor to the beginning of festivities on both sides.

This past week. Canada found the spine we seemed to have misplaced and declared Iran a terrorist regime. They closed their embassy in Iran and brought their ambassador and diplomats home. They closed Iran’s embassy in Canada and kicked out their ambassador and diplomats. They also issued the strongest travel warning available to their citizens telling them in no uncertain terms, don’t even think of going to Iran and if you are there, get the hell out."

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