Friday, April 19, 2013

Revised-Interview With German Homeschooling Family Facing Deportation

In my haste to shut the computer down last night I missed a crucial point.

This case is the perfect opportunity for a single state to stand up and allow the family to live freely and without fear of deportation within its boundaries. When a government violates the law, be it of the civil or natural type, it no longer possesses the authority it previously had. A governor, possibly with the cooperation of the state legislature (Or even by the legislature itself if there is a veto-proof majority), can by guaranteeing protection to the Romeike's, recognize that the rights of this family need protection and that the national/federal government is not helping. Any attempts at deportation of people that have been granted protection by that state should be made a criminal act. That state would, by extension, also be recognizing that homeschooling is a right and that no government has the authority to prohibit it.

The case must be presented as an issue of rights rather than one only regulated by immigration law.

At some point, the people are going to have to take action. I hold that this is one of the best chances to do so.


The Romeike family that is facing deportation to Germany was interviewed by Glenn Beck. This family fled Germany after realizing that they effectively had no rights in the Fatherland. Homeschooling is prohibited in Germany. Children are required to attend public schools, with all of the Leftist curricula that goes along with that. Faced with the possible loss of custody of their kids without even the benefit of a hearing, they made it to the US, where they were granted asylum.

That's where The Department of Homeland Security, what may be turning into the core of  Obama's Civilian Security Force, came into the picture. No doubt acting under orders from the administration, DHS has claimed that homeschooling is not a right and that the original grant of asylum was a mistake.

Make no mistake - Obama needs this one, and badly so. The existence of homeschoolers presents a direct threat to the Left. Having a portion of the American electorate that has not been subjected to the propaganda of the Progressives is something that cannot be tolerated. Obama certainly would at least want to pave the way for attacking homeschooling here in the US, and a successful deportation ordered under a legal ruling that homeschooling is not a right is the most effective means of doing so.

Set the precedent and work from there.

Please watch the video. Aside from the obvious fact that declaring a previous grant of asylum to this family to have been wrongful would be a crime and a stab in the back to people who just needed help, sending this family back to Germany will set us up for big trouble.

This is the perfect example of an issue that screams out for civil disobedience. If the Romeike's fail in their final appeals, they need to be helped by Americans. DHS must not be allowed to get their hands on them. We must act for their sake and for ours. I have to imagine that the US was the only nation that would give them a fighting chance of the basic right of choosing how to educate their kids. Western European nations were most likely out of the question; they are farther gone down the sinkhole than we are.

Please excuse me for ending this post so early. The thunderstorm is hitting hard now, and I am turning off the computer to avoid a frying incident.

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  1. Every decent patriotic American has an OBLIGATION to write their miserable, tax and spend, serial criminal, career Congressional politician about THIS one and DEMAND these people be granted asylum OVER the objections of that tyrant in the White House.