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Jizya -Tax on Christians Being Imposed in Syria

From Jihad Watch:

Did we see this one coming or what?
Well, some did not. Remember when your Liberal friends were running round extolling the virtues of the Arab Spring? They could not get enough of telling us how Western the people of Egypt and Tunisia were, how they wanted Western music and Blue jeans, and how we had nothing to fear.

Those who in fact are familiar with Islam and its teachings saw something different in the works. To them, it was inevitable that once the strongman-type regimes fell, the Muslims who wanted to enforce Islamic Law would gain ascendancy and seize the reigns of power. We had read about the plight of Christians in the Middle east for years and knew that, even though it was far from good, their lot was far better under the at least semi-secure and rigid control of autocracies. We were reminded of this when the US took out Saddam Hussein and all remnants of the Baathist Party. Persecution of Christian began in earnest; they came home to find their furniture and personal belongings in the street because their Shiite landlord no longer rented to Christians. Liquor stores were destroyed, Churches were bombed, Christians, especially young girls, were kidnapped and raped, and the Christians left Iraq like Lot fleeing Sodom. This time, though instead turning one into a pillar of salt, looking back entailed being aware of the continued suffering of the innocent who were left behind.

....and we said that the Jizya would be reinstated in predominantly Muslim nations once the dictators were tossed.

For those who have been raised on the sugar-coated version of the poll tax on non-Muslims whose religious beliefs do not require enslavement or death (Mostly Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians), which makes it look like a reasonable means to paying for the security and upkeep of the state, I offer a quote from the Koran.

From Raymond Ibrahim:
"Koran 9:29:
Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor forbid that which Allah and his Messenger have forbidden, nor follow the religion of truth [Islam], from the People of the Book [Christians and Jews], until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves utterly subdued."

... and feel themselves utterly subdued.

That article referred to the call for bringing back the Jizya' (It's back and better than ever, I guess) in Egypt. We asserted that it was going to happen in other states where the regimes faced appreciable Islamic opposition. While the Obama administration sent Hillary to ensure that the opposition in Syria had our moral support, we saw what was coming. Previous posts showed the concern of Syrian Christians (And later, Alawites) for their future. Many have already fled to Lebanon. 

Now, from the top link:
From Jihad Watch.

"The report cites "Syrian citizens in a number of [Christian] villages in Wadi al-Nasara, which is part of Tal Kalakh district in Homs Governorate," saying that "armed men from the Wahhabi Al-Faruq Battalion, which is active in Homs and its districts, have started
asking the residents of those villages to pay Jizyah and Kharaj." Kharaj is the Islamic term for property tax. The report says: "This is the first action of its kind since the Syrian uprising started, or at least since it turned into an 'armed Islamic revolution' and the Islamists dominated the street a few months ago."

The report cites citizens from those Christian villages saying that armed men from the said battalion force citizens to pay the Islamic taxes and threaten to kidnap or kill them or members of their families if they refuse to comply. One citizen is cited saying that "the countryside of the city of Tal Kalakh is now under the mercy of the armed Al-Faruq Battalion members, who are freely roaming the region as if they were the state's security and administrative agency." He says some of those who refused to pay Jizyah had their sons kidnapped or killed. The report, citing this unidentified man, says: "He estimated the number of people who were kidnapped in the region because they refused or were unable to pay Jizyah at more than 20. He said that while there is absolutely no news about some of them, others are certainly kept in detention centres the armed men created in Ammar al-Husn village, which turned into an operation headquarters for the armed men and their authority in the region."...

The report also cites "very reliable local sources" saying that Dayr B'albah district in Homs and the nearby town of Tir M'allah "are now full of Pakistani fighters." The report adds: "This is the first time fundamentalist Pakistani fighters are reported in any of the Arab or Islamic countries that witnessed an influx of foreign Jihadists. The sources explained the presence of these fighters in Syria by saying that almost all of them came from Turkey and Europe, particularly the UK, which has a large Pakistani community numbering millions. This community was and still is the biggest reservoir for fundamentalist fighters outside the Islamic world." The report adds: "The sources said local and Arab armed men, in addition to the residents of the two towns, complain of the difficulty to communicate with these Pakistani mujahidin, as none of them knows Arabic. The two towns are among the most conservative and fanatic regions in Syria. They were an important source for the Muslim Brotherhood and the Combatant Vanguard during the crisis of the eighties."

Of course we are supposed to dismiss this due to the fact that this appears to mainly be the work of Pakistani fighters, Certainly, once the regime falls, everything will be just fine for the Christians.

The Jizya has been called for so far in Egypt and Tunisia. There have been isolated circumstances of attempts at freelance-type collecting of the poll tax in Egypt. In Syria, a nation in which the old regime has not even been overthrown, the Jizya is a fact in at least some regions. 

Each week seems to bring a half-dozen or instances or so that remind us how peaceful and tolerant the Religion of Peace and Tolerance actually is.

Oh, and although they have not claimed responsibility yet, it seems that the Boko Haram boys are back in action:

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