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Revised: One-World Government, Marxist Terror, Bill Ayers

Added 4/7/12 I thought that the reader should consider purchasing the following book that describes what it (And many of us) calls "The New Barbarism:

...and a review of the same:

From The Blaze:

"Capitalism took it on the chin as well. A recent Blaze article by Madeleine Morgenstern highlighted Ayers stating his everyday dream: “Today I’m going to end capitalism.” But what you have not heard is what Ayers said beforehand.

“We have to begin to imagine a world without war, a world without prisons, a world without borders,” he explained before adding, “We can’t imagine a world without Capitalism!? What the F–k would that look like?' "

I have noted on previous posts that Marxists of the US strain are much more concerned about ensuring that no one gets to live free of a Marxist government than they are about establishing a place in which these who desire to live in such a society may be able to do so.

Bill Ayers echoed the sentiments of a whole lot of people when he made to statement quoted above. There is an entire genre of books, articles, educational materials, and websites dedicated to the elimination of nation-states and the institution of one-world government. While Marxist terror groups, such as the Weather Underground, the Red Army Faction (Baadher-Meihnof Gang) and others once operated on the fringe, their devotees have made themselves into a presence that is much closer to a sort of mainstream movement.

It is interesting that these people regularly stress that they want to eliminate war. As I have also noted earlier, this does not indicate in any way that Marxists are pacifists,. They have every intention of using armed force to shove Marxism down our throats. Those who need to be re-educated will be sent to camps to have that nasty business taken care of. Those who prove recalcitrant to these measures will have to be eliminated.
This of course seems unbelievable. I myself was a long-time holdout from admitting this threat. I dismissed these people and their agendas for years, thinking that their romantic notions would pass in time. Below is a link to an interview with a former FBI Agent, Larry Grathwohl, who was able to infiltrate The Weather Underground (Ayer's group) back when it was in its heyday. The statements that he make are startling:

This is an article from last year on the same subject:

In case you caught the subject of the link, the number is the same as the one given on the video. When pressed for answers on what the Central Committee had in mind for those who refused to submit, the estimate of the elimination of 25,000,000 people was given. This was to be achieved with the generous help of occupying Cuban, Soviet, North Vietnamese, and Chinese forces. Mr. Grathwohl states that the most disturbing part of this was that, here were college graduates from  prestigious universities who were calmly discussing the extermination of what was, at the time, over an eighth of the US population.

Leftists have long supported the horrific slaughters of many millions to lay the foundations for (Intended) permanent Marxist governments in China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia, and others. There seems to be a smug sense of satisfaction in these individuals when they note that such atrocities were simply the necessary means of doing business. Others made a point of ignoring Stalin's forced famine of the Ukrainians or the Cambodian Genocide on the 70's, in which up to a third of the people of that nation were murdered. The New York Times, for one, is reported in the book Modern Times, by Paul Johnson, to have published a total of three very small articles on the terror in Cambodia during the rule of the Khmer Rouge. These were buried in back pages of the paper.

The following site has a wealth of information, including dozens of links, on the support of, or the purposeful turning of blind eyes to, the extreme but thorough violence of Marxist groups from the pre-WWI period until our times:

I had no choice but to offer the link - the amount of quotes and links was so massive that I literally had no idea of where to start.

Ayers' claims have all the marks of that of a psychopath. We must remember, though, that psychopaths are often quite good at what they do. Like the people of Ayn Rand's type*, he has no empathy at all. He simply cannot feel. He calls for a world without prisons. OK, in his world, one free of private property (The Left is fond of claiming that private property created crime), there would be no reason to incarcerate people for, say theft, since no one would need to steal. Does that mean that rape will no longer occur, or does Ayers hold that rape is not something that needs to be punished? Judging by the disgusting actions of the Occupy movement, where those suspected of sexual assault were provided Counseling**, and victims were told to refrain from reporting attacks to the police, I suspect that he holds to the latter.

Ayers calls for the elimination of borders. This is another main goal of the Left. The idea is that anything that excludes someone from anything is inherently wrong. Leftists have long claimed that anyone has a right to live wherever he or she chooses. So, for example, any amount of people from any region of the world have a right to walk, sail, or fly to Norway, Denmark, or the US demand entry, and be allowed to live there permanently and become voting members of the body politic. The Left excuses this behavior by holding that nations that have colonial histories only became prosperous at the expense other peoples. Although this does not hold any water at all with nations such as those of Scandinavia, especially with Norway (Which has zero colonial history), that does not matter. They too are at fault for profiting by being associated with other colonial nations and must absorb ever-increasing numbers of peoples who are openly hostile to their society. The idea is to guarantee either an economic collapse, the extinction of the Norwegians as an identifiable people, or both.
"Immigrants are directly affected by this freedom due to the fact that they have entered a new nation intending to settle there. If they are not allowed into that nation, or the government in any way restricts movement within their new society, then clearly this is in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights."

Again, there is no concern for how many people a nation is able to absorb before it becomes not only completely unrecognizable from what it was, but also collapses under the sheer weight of a massive influx of new residents. This is exactly what psychopaths such as Ayers want; force nations to open their borders until the system simply breaks down. A nation that limits immigration to manageable numbers can ensure that, generation by generation, children and grandchildren of immigrants will assume the culture of the new nation. That will not work for the Marxists. A common theme to which I refer in the Year Zero*** idea; one in which the slate is completely wiped clean of any history, culture, beliefs, traditions, or anything to which a people can cling in order to have sense of identity, Marxism has no room for the identities of either people or groups. All must surrender not just their bodies and rights, but their very being to the State. A nation that has suffered economic collapse is fertile ground for the Grand Revolution.

Ayers and his boys and girls would of course have no intention of allowing small groups of people to retire to faraway places and live on their own in free communities in which they bothered no one but lived in a subsistence state. These people would be gathered up and sent to be reeducated or eliminated. (Please see the video). This is where Ayers again proves himself a liar in stating that there would be no war in his utopia. Even he cannot delude himself with the notion that his people can go around mopping up enclaves of holdouts without violence. Neither can he truly believe that, once his Grand scheme is implemented that, no generals, governors, local Soviets or committees, what have you, will set up on their own and create breakaway provinces. This is what annoyed Stalin so much with Tito in Yugoslavia. Tito, refusing to be incorporated into the Soviet orbit, was the target of several assassination attempts. In fact, Tito got so fed up that he told Stalin that, if Uncle Joe did not knock it off, he (Tito) was going to send an assassin to Moscow. Tito laconically added that he would not need to send a second assassin for another attempt. Even future North Korean tyrant Kim Il-Sun was tossed out of Comintern in his guerrilla days due to the fact that his ideas of Marxism were clouded by too much nationalistic thought.

I personally believe that a more likely outcome of the elimination of sovereign nations would be five or six regional governments. This would be much more manageable but would leave the door open for conflict between these bodies. (Example - Orwell's 1984). Either way, the handwriting is on the wall. The Left is doing all that they can to undermine prosperous nation-states. The incorporation of the underdeveloped world into a Marxist utopia  is expected be an easy task. As I wrote yesterday, the Left is engaged in John Locke's State of War with us. We can no longer deny this fact.



***"The idea behind Year Zero is that all culture and traditions within a society must be completely destroyed or discarded and a new revolutionary culture must replace it, starting from scratch. All history of a nation or people before Year Zero is deemed largely irrelevant, as it will (as an ideal) be purged and replaced from the ground up."

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