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Female Genital Mutilation Rampant in Britain

To English readers, I apologize in advance for posting this on St. George's Day. I for one am very happy that my four grandparents (Two of whom were from Ireland) immigrated to a nation founded on Anglo-Saxon/British principles and freedoms. Even in the current state of the US, this Yank feels that appreciation deeply every day. I would not want it any other way of life for myself or my grandchildren.

Be proud of your nation, its history, and its culture. Don't give up the fight.

England, and Saint George!

Though most of my posts concerning British female victims of violence concentrate on the indigenous/ethnic British, this post will cover females who, regardless of their actual citizenship status or ethnicity, suffer from an altogether different sick and gruesome element of Islamic culture - Female Genital Mutilation.

Often euphemistically referred to as Female circumcision, (Which it is not - no such practice exists since there are no health benefits that result from it), Female Genital Mutilation is practiced to decrease the sensitivity of that area of a girl's anatomy. When one adds this to the unbelievably young ages at which Muslims serve up their daughters for marriage (Mohammed conned his friend into giving him Aisha in marriage when she was six and the prophet consummated the marriage when she was nine), the Dads and future Grooms feel as if they get a lock on maintaining their girls' virginities prior to their wedding days.

I am not going to go into detail on this since nothing that I have done in my life (Including gutting/field dressing numerous deer) could inure me to doing so without feeling sick. Suffice to say that it is done on young girls (Age ten seems to be the youngest in the UK but I have read of age five or six being fine in African and some Middle Eastern Muslim families), often in the dead of night and without their consent, without anesthesia, sometimes in the presence of their smiling and proud Moms, and, in the undeveloped world, without even basic disinfectants (Sterilization is Right out) for the implements used for the "cutting".

While Western Feminists continue on their crusade against men and any shreds of parental authority they still have left, and to support taxpayer-funder unprotected sex for all, they remain silent, maybe uttering an occasional, albeit obligatory peep, on this issue. It is true that the West cannot send troops everywhere to put a stop to such barbarism, but, as the articles linked at top indicate, it is going on big time in jolly old England, (And presumably the rest of the UK) to the tune of up to 100,000 victims. There the crime is within reach of Law Enforcement, but the Police too are fettered by the desire to avoid appearing to target a single group, the omerta-like secrecy of Muslim family culture in Britain, and the expected lack of willingness of victims to come forward.

For details on the subject, you will need to read the articles linked at top.

While many Western fathers have reached the point where they feel that tossing their daughters boxes of condoms and telling them to be careful constitutes sufficient and admirable paternal protection, Islam provides us with examples of the opposite end of the extreme spectrum. Western fathers are told that they should not and can not exercise any authority, nor lay down any prohibitions on their children. Muslims fathers subject their daughters to unspeakable treatment and, that failing, may resort to Honor Killings for the high crime of using nail polish.

So, while the Left whittles down the image and authority of Western Fathers into abject insignificance, Muslims Fathers enforce barbaric practices on their girls. This is probably the one area in which the Left and Islam differ; both desire to dismantle all aspects of Western Civilization, both have every intention of eliminating national borders, and of course both want to reduce Christianity and Judaism to impotence (If they are allowed to continue at all).

As I have noted earlier, in Islam the very basic concepts such as actual love, affection, and concern for one’s daughters are eliminated*. For the ancient Hebrews, although Jacob was willing to arrange a marriage between his daughter Dinah and her rapist (apparently not a forced marriage), two of  Dinah's brothers at least took care of business and killed the men of Shechem, not their sister.

Muslim girls, being treated as they do by their Dads, can later be forced into marrying a guy who is even worse. If she leaves him, well, Dear old Dad will always be there for her.
The excerpt below is from an article on Afghan prisons for rape victims and other criminals, such as those who flee after being forced into prostitution by their husbands:
(Bolding mine)

"Once leaving prison, women and girls face strong social stigma in the conservative country and may be killed in so-called "honour killings".

"I just want a divorce. I can't go back to my father because he will kill me. All my family has left me behind," 20-year-old Aisha, who was sentenced to three years for fleeing an abusive husband she was forced to marry, told researchers.

You know, I used to wonder why Jay Leno's wife was so adamant that Islam and the Koran teach more respect for women than does the Bible. Now I get what she meant.

-On Muslim fathers and their failure to protect their daughters:

An excerpt from this post is below:

"As I had written earlier, most of the people of Afghanistan are descended from proud peoples, mainly Indo-European Iranians ( Not Persian of modern Iran, which is a subgroup of Iranian) and Turkics (Not Ottomans and others of Modern Turkey, also subgroups of the widespread ethnic Turks). All of these peoples had a sense of their identity prior to the arrival of Islam into that region. Indeed, related tribes such as the Scythians refused to surrender to the Achaemenid Persian King Darius I during his campaign prior to the main Greco-Persian wars. Other Iranian tribes fiercely resisted Alexander the Great's invasion over 150 years later. Those who did make peace with the Macedonian King did so only under the most honorable of terms.

One point that is not addressed very often is the Arabization of regions once Islam is entrenched. No matter what the culture of a particular group, Islam turns each one into a more severe mirror-image of a pagan Arab society. The Koran, if it indeed going to be a Koran, must be written in Arabic or it can only be considered a commentary of that book of tolerance.This and other Arab-superiority factors tend to cause converted societies to try their best to prove that they are not second-class Muslims. Not only does the society become Arab-like, it generally has a tendency to become as severe as possible in its quest to become purely Islamic. Those of these cultures seem to seek to be "more Arab than the Arabs themselves".

What is left of those once-proud peoples are the tattered and stagnated remains. Where daughters were once held in esteem, they now are cast off to be horrifically abused by their new families. Most are not aware that Alexander the Great's first wife, Roxanne (Or Roxana) was the daughter of a Iranian noble named Oxyartes. This man was a proud warrior and leader. Even though he had been defeated by Alexander's capture of the Sogdian fortress, Oxyartes would never have allowed the Macedonian King to get away with treating his daughter with anything less than the utmost of respect.

If Roxana had been raped or beaten by Alexander, the Macedonians would have been slaughtered along their route of retreat back to Macedon.

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