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Bill Ayers' Wife was partly Correct - Their State of War

In this case, Bill Ayer's wife was partly correct-

"In a declining empire, which, you know, [she is so eloquent]the United States is, lets agree, the United States is a declining economic and political power even while its a veralent[sic] and expanding military power, a very dangerous combination. But in that, I just want to suggest that I think that what looks very strong is often very weak. It is very weak. Even though, this military force, the United States is Sparta. Yes, in many ways, national security … its all The United States seems to have to offer. It isn’t jobs or healthcare or public education or public parks or public libraries, it’s security, security, security. We don’t want that kind of a future, Occupy doesn’t want that kind of a future.” 

Where Ms. Dohrn hit the nail on the head was her reference to Sparta. That ancient Greek City-State was at its strongest when it remained aloof from conflicts outside of the Peloponnese, the area in which their State was situated. As Sparta gradually allowed herself to be drawn into one foreign conflict after another, her power steadily declined. In fact, once she had reached the point of her greatest influence, the turning point towards her fall had already begun. Having cooperated with other Greek cites, especially Athens, the Greeks had pushed the Persians out of Greece and taken to liberating Greek cites under Persian rule in Asia (modern-day Turkey). The preeminence of Athens in these endeavors, and the original return of Sparta, the only power that could contest the power of Athens, to its isolationist state, lead to Athens coming to view her occupied cites as her Empire. Her rule on these Greek cities and islands became tyrannical. Soon, Sparta became involved. Three disastrous Peloponnesian Wars followed, which exhausted both sides and resulted in both cities (alternatively) actually courting the Persians for cash subsidies in order to continue fighting each other. The jockeying for position of the Persian King's favor of these two proud cities, that had lead the resistance against Persian rule of Greece, is a very sad chapter in the history of Greece.

I will try to be as brief as possible-

The ever-expanding pool of sporadically employed Greek soldiers (From the continual wars) eventually resulted in the blooming of the Mercenary trade. A large contingent of Greek mercenaries actually served with a claimant to the Persian throne. The death of Cyrus in battle (In which the Greek soldiers performed extraordinarily well) against his brother, Artaxerxes, and the resulting tactical retreat from deep inside Persian territory to safety, and return to Greece, is told in Xenophon's Anabasis and is fictionally recounted in Michael Curtis' The Ten Thousand.

The main point  is that Sparta's long involvement in outside wars resulted in a decline. Much of this is attributed to the consequential lack of population growth in their State. Many Spartans of fighting age were not home fathering children and the result was a decline in population growth. The gradual abandonment of the Spartan monetary system, which discouraged greed (They used iron bars for currency) lead Spartans to leave home to seek gold and silver pay or booty. Spartans were famously (or infamously) restrictive on who would be allowed to be considered a Spartan citizen. The amounts of Hoplite Heavy infantry, the core of Greek armies of their time, declined steadily to the point that, when faced with the rise of the power of Thebes, Sparta could not longer guarantee her own safety. Theban armies under the great General Empaminondas inflicted  major defeats of Spartan armies (In part due to new battle tactics and equipment) most notably at Leuctra and Mantinea. The result was that the City of Sparta, a place in which their women "had never seen the smoke of an enemies fire" was directly threatened. With the added burden of the loss of much of the serf population of Helots (The treatment of whom was clearly not good), who had been offered freedom by Empaminondas, Sparta experienced both a decline in soldiery and of its work force.

While Sparta remained strong enough to resist a forced incorporation into the Hellenic League that was directed by the rising power of  Phillip of the Kingdom of Macedon (Note the future for Greece was no longer with free states but powerful monarchies - the end of freedom was near), Sparta's decline could not be stopped. While Phillip's son Alexander was away employing the Greek military superiority that had became apparent during the Greco-Persian Wars and the incredibly successful retreat of Xenophon and the Ten Thousand, Sparta attacked the army of Alexander's Viceroy, was defeated and was forced to join the Hellenic League.

Ms. Ayers-Dohrn was clearly partially right. Our involvement all over the world  is terribly expensive in money and in lives. We may very well be in decline as was Sparta. The problem is that, as is a rule of thumb with Leftists, she left out a whole lot of factors. The US has been almost alone (We do have some good allies, like the UK and daughters nations) in the battle against Islamic aggression. The UN, the darling of the Left, will do nothing to anger the massive body of Islamic member states. This includes any real support for Israel, a state that is the only Democratic State in the region and was ironically founded by Statesmen who clearly were Left-of-center. Nor will the UN or any other nation provide any support to prevent a make-the-people forget-their misery attack of North Korea on the ROK. There are horrific conflicts going on all over the world. In these places, in which Ayers and Dohrn would never have hidden from justice and raised their children, a US military presence may be the only thing that will even put the brakes on the slaughter.

I too am willing to entertain the possibility of isolationism, the problem is that the Left will not be content at the mere withdrawal of our military forces from the far points of the globe. Nor will they accept that many of us will support the end of corruption, crony capitalism, the prosecution of those who deplete pension funds, and the abusive power of corporate giants such as Monsanto*. They want the US transformed.

Our Fifth column of Leftists will do everything that they can to undermine the security and prosperity of the US. Note that, unlike Franco's fifth column in Madrid (Which may well have been an exaggeration and simply psychological warfare), that of the Left is not lying low awaiting orders. It is in constant motion and has been so for a long time. A nation that is not physically threatened and is economically prosperous is not vulnerable to a violent destruction of its society. Ayers, Dohrn, and company have every intention of making sure that the US is as vulnerable as possible.

The Left will not counsel their indoctrinated youth to get together and start cooperative-type businesses to challenge the established companies and corporations. Have we seen any new communes being formed? With all the financial support from those such as Soros, these young people could buy out farmers and start their own collectives. Heck, maybe they could raise crops that they could sell at competitive prices - well, probably not, the new Left is not about work.They don't tell them to work hard, avoid unnecessary spending, and to help others get on their feet. No, they encourage them to rise up and demand as much as possible for free. Instead of advising them to acquire education and training in fields that are needed, the youth get told to take classes that advance the Leftist agenda. They want the youth ruined, socially, economically, emotionally, and spiritually. Only by doing so can they whip them up into a frenzy of anger and destruction.

This is similar to the Taliban. That group needed bodies. They needed people who were completely destitute, abandoned and, by extension, malleable. They found their talent pool in the Afghan refugee camps that had sprung up in the wake of Soviet occupation and continual fighting between that nation's warlords. They provided these people with just enough material support for them to subsist and thoroughly indoctrinated them in Islamic thought. When they felt that they had enough fighters, these were turned loose on Afghanistan.

Ayers, Dohrn, and Company have made it painfully clear that they want capitalism broken. They don't care how bad the wreckage will be once the reach Year Zero, as long as get to they sit atop the smoldering ruins and get to order the masses about. In doing so, they demonstrate that, upon their having reached adulthood, they never entered into John Locke's** Social Compact with society. Instead, they have dedicated their lives to destroying everything that made this nation wildly prosperous and free. Though it is no secret that our poorest are immeasurably better off than those of the rest of the world, that matters not to them. They are filled with hate for the nation and its system that allowed them to grow up with freedom, security, and opportunity beyond the imagination of those of most of the world.

When people adamantly refuse to have any part in supporting the foundations upon which a nation is founded and work to undermine it, they place themselves in what Locke referred to a State of War against the nation and those who desire that it remain free and prosperous. The Left has been in a State of War with the West, and  particularly with the US, for a very long time. Our problem is that we close our eyes, ears and mouths to this fact and hope that it goes away.

Most of us, myself included, were convinced that the old-guard Left would whither away  and that the new Left, while motivated by romantic conceptions of Leftist thought, would realize that, once the Soviet Union and others could no longer hide their march towards collapse, Marxism cannot work.  Old-guard Marxists such as Ed Asner (Yes, from Mary Tyler-Moore) and others simply chose to hold that Communism just had not been done properly. They continued to preach and push their agenda in the schools. The result is the Occupy movement and its spin-offs.

We have for too long held back from admitting to ourselves that there is a significant subset of out population who are, beyond a shadow of a doubt, actually in a State of War with our nation and its society. We have been non-participants in this conflict. We can no longer, though remain idle. Not only are these people, who are at war against us, allowed reside here, they are allowed to constitute a part of the body politic. They can vote, hold office and gradually (Right now they are not gradually doing anything) bring us step-by-step to a point from which we will not be able to extricate ourselves without a catastrophic conflict. The Left pretends to be against all war. This is a complete falsehood. They will eagerly enter into armed conflict with any nation, State, or free people that refuses to be swallowed up by the Leftist tide.

My position is that Leftist doctrine must be legally defined as completely contrary to the structure and fabric of nations such as the US. Those who advocate the end of private property, the very reason why people enter into Social Compacts and institute governments in the first place, (Again, Locke), must be treated as dangerous enemies of the nation and society. This is not an issue of free speech as it does not concern the mere free expression of thought.Those who remain outside our Social Compact declare themselves to be our enemies ipso facto their stated goals of destroying the very concept and right of private property. We don't even have to fight them. They can simply leave. Those who refuse to leave would have to be removed from all but the smallest pockets of the nation's land mass. They must be denied the right to vote, hold office, or teach. Any who decides to jump on the Leftist bandwagon can join their brethren in the enclaves, free of the rights they so despised. Hopefully, those who grow weary of being restricted from their choice of place of residence or voting will apply to live somewhere else. Anyone who gets fed up with the horror show that these enclaves will become may apply to rejoin, or, if he or she is a new adult, voluntarily enter into the Social Compact. In short, those who put themselves in a State of War against us must be treated as full-fledged enemies.

As the primary reason that people create governments for the preservation of property, and those who remain outside of the Social Compact have placed themselves in a State of War with those who desire to retain their property rights, the Left has chosen to place both sides in opposition to each other with no civil body to arbitrate our differences. This is what Locke refers to as the State of Nature, our primordial state in which any injured party to could punish another who wronged him. The State of War is a natural and common occurrence in the State of Nature.

The secondary reason for creating a government was to provide a process by which to parties could seek justice. Our problem is that one of the parties has never had any intention of adhering or entering into the Social Compact, in doing so, they have returned us to a State of Nature. Indeed, they seek to transform the civil power into the very body that they would need to crush any resistance, thus bring the civil power into their camp to prosecute the State of War they wage against us. If that occurs, then the only option of the injured/oppressed is "An appeal to Heaven".(Locke). This refers to the days of the Judges in Israel, when Jephthah, unable to obtain peace with the Ammonites, was left with no other option but to appeal to God for justice and fight. Maybe you can recall the early "Appeal to Heaven" flag with the tree that was a symbol of our resistance to Great Britain.

As I have noted earlier, Leftists don't have a burning desire to live in a Marxist State. If they did they would move to one. What they want is to make sure that you do not get to live in a State that is not Marxist. 

There are a hateful and spiteful group.

*On the Corporate giant Monsanto, which is killing privately-owned farms:

** Please consider reading Locke's First and Second Treatises on Government. One cannot turn a page without understanding what was going on in the minds of our Founding Fathers. You do not need a hard copy - they are very inexpensive on e-readers. Some are as low as $3.99.

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