Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Van Jones Runs His Mouth Again

"In citing the Libertarian principle of economic liberty, Jones stated “They’ve taken their despicable ideology and used it a wrecking ball, that they have painted red, white and blue, to smash down every good thing in America.”
Jones continued, “They say they’re Patriots but they hate everybody in America who looks like us. They say they love America but they hate the people, the brown folk, the gays, the lesbians, the people with piercings, ya know ya’ll.”

Rabid Marxist and radical environmentalist Van Jones has been around the block. Most are aware of his brief but extraordinarily professional and gentlemanly tenure as Obama's Green Jobs Czar. While there, he famously referred to Congressional Republicans as "as-----s". This was no off-the -cuff remark or an Obamian open mic incident. He came right out and said it in response to a question from the audience. That and other things, like pretending to be under the impression that the 911 attacks were directly caused by the Bush administration or other dark governmental power and blamed on Muslim terrorists (Truther), lead to his resignation from his position with the Administration.

A quick diversion into the past -

The really sad part is that Van is the product of a Mother and Father who exemplify the American dream:

"Passages of the book relive moments Jones shared with his father, described as a “by the boot-strap” school principal who escaped southern segregation by joining the U.S. military in a law enforcement capacity and who later went on to put himself through college. Jones benefited from his parents’ tenacity and propensity for higher learning, subsequently earning entry into one of the nation’s most prestigious educational institutions, Yale University.

During and after his time at Yale, he completely abandoned the whole concept of hard work and sacrifice that was practiced by his parents.

After his resignation, Ol' Van got right back on the horse, lending his name to and pushing the occupy movement.

This was his most recent appearance and where he made the comments quoted up top:

The first comment itself, as have others that have become increasingly more common among Leftists, imply that the speaker believes that economic liberty not only was not a crucial and core piece of our nation's original structure and vision, but that it is somehow diametrically opposed to what the US is about. Since arguing against his point would be somewhat like arguing with someone who asserts that it is possible to jump into a lake without getting wet, I will refrain from any real refutation. None is necessary and I would prefer not to dignify his comment with a response. Suffice to say that Mr. Jones knows that economic liberty was one of the most important of issues for those who fought for, and were involved in the making of, our nation. He just hopes that you do not and that you will believe him

As I have noted in earlier posts, the Left routinely engages in Projection. Anyone who took an Intro to Psychology class is familiar with the term. Those who are fully aware of what they do wrong will put on a show and accuse their opponents (Or just an innocent bystander) of all the wrongs in which he or she engages. When applied to politics, it tends to work better with people who have been taught little or nothing about themselves and their society. As you can imagine, the US is particularly ripe for such drivel. All levels of US education, from colleges to elementary school, have been purged of any teaching or textbook-type materials that provide the information needed to understand the foundations of our society. Mr. Jones runs around claiming that those who advocate economic liberty are not the patriots. In doing so, he seeks to create diversions from the obvious fact that it is his ideas and agendas that stand in complete contrast to core values of our nation.

Here is another one of Van's rants:

"There are two American dreams. There’s one I call the "American Fantasy". Everybody's going to be rich, and we are all going to ride out on our credit cards to the GREAT WHITE SUBURBS, get a McMansion, and buy flat screen TVs to cover up the holes in our lives... that is the American fantasy which is turning into the American nightmare. That is dying out on its own accord, it deserves no defense and it gets no defense and I’m glad it’s going away"

Van has every intention of eliminating suburban communities. Note how he is growing ever-less concerned about veiling his racist beliefs. Those who can afford to purchase homes and live in lower-crime areas that have relatively quiet neighborhoods are the problem. In these locales, people like the convenience of being close to their kid's Little League and other recreational sports fields and enjoy being able to posses a few hundred square feet of grass in which their children can play outside (Or ride bicycles around the block). The facts that these people often sacrificed quite a bit of their lives and fortunes for their education (In Majors that are desired by employers, not, for example Latin-American studies or Critical Race Theory) and often spend much time away from their families at the jobs that pay for these houses has no meaning to Mr. Jones.

I for one, did not buy a flat-screen TV until last month because I habitually put off such purchases until I know that doing so will not take away from paying for something more important.

I have no doubt that Van's answer to the suburbs is to implement as much of Agenda 21 as possible. Those who are unfamiliar with the plan can obtain fairly good summaries about the plan to eliminate the suburban communities, reduce rural populations to a bare minimum necessary to work on the state or corporate-owned farms, and move the displaced into the cities where they can be more effectively managed and controlled on the link below.

The above post is about the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI).

This loosely-knit but influential group works to tie local communities in the with UN plan for programs such as "Sustainable Development", drastic reduction of water consumption in households, movement of people into the cities, and the rigid controlling and the inevitable and consequential loss of privately owned land. A founder of the organization is extensively quoted there.

At the bottom of that post are links to other posts that cover Agenda 21.

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